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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by darrenstorey, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Hey, I have recently decided to join the army after failing the medical when I was 19, due to a fresh shoulder injury.

    I am now 25 and have hit a stumbling block. I have a lazy left eye which the opticians record as 6/60 corrected 6/120 uncorrected, but my right is 6/5 both corrected/uncorrected. Everywhere I have read has said that 6/36 is the worst I can have in my left. I was wondering if there are any exceptions to this rule, for example, with my right being so good, would it take the emphasis off my Left.

    I was going to try and go straight in as a Combat med, but now I've just got my results I am at a loss what to do next. I could try patching my eye, but the opticians said it wouldn't really help as I'm too old.

    Is there any other part within the army that would accept me even with this condition?

  2. Not meaning to be a bitch, but...

    Why would the Army make an exception just because you are only blind (or near as dammit) in one eye? There are thousands of folk who want to join and have perfect eyesight.
  3. You got dealt a bad genetic hand leaving you partialy sighted, this effects your depth perception and your abilty to perform other tasks, it will also get worse as you get older, rather quickly.

    Tough tits I am afraid.
  4. I do have perfect vision in my right eye, no depth perception issues. I am physically fit in all other aspects. My father served for 26 years and I grew up around the army. I have always wanted to join. I'm just concerned that this stupid defect wont stop me, I am already planning on patching it up for a few months, and doing some exercises with it to being it up a couple of levels.
  5. Perhaps you need to see a professional. Can you find your way to your nearest Careers Information Office?
  6. You do have depth perception issues as you are going blind in one eye, that can not be fixed.

    Find another career, just not the armed forces.
  7. yeah im going up there to speak to them tomorrow, I don't know if it will help, but my previous records for my eye exams were 6/32 in my left aided, So im gonna stop by that opticians and see if there is anything they can suggest. I'll also make an appointment with the doctors to see if they have any ideas what I can do, even if it improves it 1 level, that is enough to get me in.
  8. Not being funny but 6/60 is really bad
  9. Either this is a wah or you are deluding yourself.

    You need to see your GP and get a referal, you need to be screened for whatever is degrading your eyesight as you claim to have not had a problem before, what ever it is, it is unlikely to be reversable and will get worse.

    You can't serve.
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