eye sight requirements

As long as your glasses / contact lenses correct your eyesight there should be no problem.

Best thing is to ring up your local unit and ask to speak to the doc.

Depends on what regt/corps you are want to join.

If your sight is so bad then you probably wont be able to join the inf.

My eyesight is fecking terrible, one of my eye's is there purely for decoration and have had surgery on it. several times in the past.

If you have no luck in getting into the regt/corps you wish to join - don't get dis-heartened, try going for something else.

Once you are in the forces and meet people you will not regret it.


As a means to find a TA Unit, it's pants, but there is a phone number you can ring with any questions about joining.

If you happen to have your recent prescription, it may be helpful.

Don't forget that for a truly accurate assessment, you need to have not worn your glasses/lenses for a few days.
My eyesight is absolutely terrible (couldn't even see the eye chart without glasses) but fine when corrected. For some reason I've never been able to get my head around I was told that I had failed the medical to join as a soldier but was fine to join as a potential officer. Suits me just fine as that was what I wanted to do anyway, but I never did figure out why that particular rule was in place...