Eye sight and the Guards

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Wilkinson, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. I'm considering starting the process of visiting some regiments (Guards) to get the ball rolling for AOSB. My eyesight has never been an issue for me until recently when I had to get some glasses for driving. Does anyone know how much of an issue this would be wanting to join an infantry regiment?

    I've also heard that one of the ways the more traditionally elite regiments filter people they realise they are not for them after all is by setting extortionate mess fees - does anyone have any idea just how much mess fees are in the Guards (Coldstream and Grenadier specifically)?

    Many thanks,
  2. On the issue of eye sight there are set standards that you need to meet which depend on which trade and job you apply for, the only people that could help you with that would be the recruiting office. There's probably a thread on ARRSE somewhere that could give you some idea of the required standards for infantry.
  3. A bloody huge issue! You will be raked over the coals at your medical, I would advise you speak to your ACA about it. Personally I would go get some laser eye surgery done to permanently fix the problem, as long as the treatment itself does not exclude you at all. But I would seriously get on it, I know people having huge issues, because of even minor hearing problems so god knows how hard they will be on sight problems.
  4. Woah woah woah sweet child of mine.

    DO NOT go for any kind of Laser Eye Surgery, or even enquire about it, until you have spoken to your ACA(O).
    Until very recently, if not currently, it was enough to preclude you from enlistment.
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    At my AOSB a few months back laser eye surgery was a definite no no although there may be rumours of an OCdt about to start who has slipped through the net...

    From my experience with regiments (infantry, armoured and a few corps) your eye sight will not be a barrier to entry. I say this as someone who is -7 or in layman terms 'blind as a bat' yet still adamant on a career in a tooth arm!
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    I would advise you to STFU. That's one of the worst pieces of advice that I've seen in any of the recruiting forums. and that includes posts from illiterate 16 year old mongs.
  9. My friend is currently in the Royal Regiment of Scotland and wears contacts/glasses, shouldn't be a problem
  10. I knew/know several officers in the Guards who wear contact lenses/glasses.

    As for the 2nd point you asked about, once you organise a visit to whatever Regiment you want to go to I am sure all your questions will be answered there.
  11. Firstly as above do not follow Sentinel89's advice, he is clearly a mong who knows very little about the army and is utterly unqualified to make that sort of recommendation.

    Broadly speaking as long as your eyesight is correctable with glasses or contact lenses then you should be fine. The only exception might be for pilot training, although you don't mention any desire to do this (I know a few pilots who wear glasses from time to time anyway).

    The mention of "eliteness" (meaning social rather than military) and mess bills seems to crop up with disturbing regularity. The advice I would give is that the days when mess bills exceeded incomes are long gone save perhaps for the odd individual officer who chooses to spend vast quantities on booze or horses or whatever it happens to be (clearly whoring not being an officer sport, I didn't include this!) I would recommend putting this issue from your mind as you visit your chosen regiments, despite what some would have you believe, you determine your own mess bill by choosing how much and what you want to drink or whether you want to keep horses, etc. None of this is compulsory, although you may wish to buy a bottle on promotion, I would suggest.
  12. I seem to remember a platoon commander complaining that his monthly mess bill was more than his monthly income. A lot of officers came from affluent backgrounds however thankfully im told its changed alot nowadays
  13. The army are very harsh on hearing due to the amount of people that are found to have hearing problems on leaving, I know as I was one of them. Almost all trades must really have some kind of exposure to noise - RAC - CVR(T) or Chall, RE - Use a lot Chall based vehicles, Inf, mortars, Warrior, RA - Weapons systemsetc.. I know the RBL deal with a vastly large amount of hearing loss cases and the army is now going to be aware of this and not even just the cost of compo, but the cost of re-testing everyone when they are found to have problems after leaving.
  14. This is brilliant, thanks for the responses. Unlikely that I would look down the laser eye surgery route. I've been fairly sceptical with friends about eliteness, but regards to the guards and the household cavalry, they've given me questioning looks about them dropping their traditionally perceived elitism. Part of the reason I'm keen for these infantry regiments is because I would like get involved in organising ceremonial duties.

    I have been in the TA RLC for a few years, namely as is was my closest unit when studying. It touches on the elitism issue again, and I dislike bringing it up but feel it's a relevant enough belief to base my question on, which is whether it would be a good idea, or not, to mention my history with said unit.

  15. You say about elitism, but I've know lads in my regt and Wooden tops that wore glasses. Obviously for tour (God forbidding you need it) Respirators can have lens put in them.
    With ceremonial, I believe that the rule is that you must be able to see to some sort of degree without glasses, but I have no idea about contacts, Guessing they are not an issue as you cannot tell, but flip side is if they slip in your eye you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ADJUST THEM!. I knew a Gren Guard I was in training with had glasses like bin lids and have to have his S10 resi fitted with lens, but he could do drill without glasses and so there wasn't issue. They migth be a little more critical of Foot guard officers, but I could only hazard a guess at this due to the markings for the Trooping of the colour for positioning etc.. But with the Cav the officers usually learn the spot beforehand on the rehersals and then on the day if they are out by a foot or two, one of the WO's or NCO's behind them will guide them into place and I'm sure that the foot gaurds have a similar routine.
    I think you can only go for it, otherwise you'll never find out.