Ey up ? Need a bit of help , please

How long have you been out
Ok so what's gone wrong. Pm if you don't want to slap it over a forum, but the guys and girls on here can be pretty good
Not aware of your exact particulars but sometimes it can be hard out here wether that be 're adjusting or having a shit run of luck....

If it helps in the 10 years I have been out I've lost pretty much everything twice except the wife (Still trying on that front) including my house. I've dragged my family from one end of the country to the other 4 times chasing jobs/work amongst other things...and at some points I found myself really low and in a dark place....

But it does get easier... remember your discipline, realise what you need to achieve and fight through... that last bit may bring wails of ggaaaaaayyyyyyyy but fuck it don't care..

Stay safe
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Whatever the problem is, @Not happy bunny wabbit , don't be afraid to get help with it. Notwithstanding the new touchy-feely recruitment ads, whatever institutional BS you've soaked up about how it's not manly, brave or "nails" to admit to having emotions and feelings is just that: BS.

I know of at least one RM Sgt. who will admit to seeking professional help after a particularly morally-challenging operational deployment, when he's had a few beers. He's big, muscular and f**king scary; the quintessential "nails" bootneck.

One of the bravest - and hardest - things you can do is suppress your pride and admit you need help. So be a brave boy and seek it.

There's already been some links posted to get you started. Turn onto that road and follow it. Once you start it'll get easier. And you'll feel a lot better for some professional advice and head-straightening.

If the missus is nuts, set feelings aside and walk. Even if you sofa-surf for a few weeks whilst you square yourself away the sense of relief you feel just being free of it will feel like a massive weight lifted from your shoulders. I could cite a certain Scots bitch from my own past to illustrate the point but I'm waffling already.

Here you'll get good natured piss-taking intermingled with some serious attempts to offer meaningful advice - take the advice that points you towards real-world agencies; I mean, it's just a phone call, right...? You can always hit the kill button.

That's not advocating an approach to your nutty missus, by the way. Although you look like you could stand a nice, new patio...
Think my heads shot again but am now in contact with professional nut doctors thanks to the gov. Uk link , I am determined to give it another shot to get my shit squared away . After that fuck em all I’m going out in a blaze of glory
Nsp great advice mate thanks
Misses was my psychiatric nurse in the bin , she’s just woman nuts .( no offence meant ladies)

Fella no need for apologies we all know they are fucking menthol

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