Extremely disturbing! How Septics treat their women soldiers

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bugsy, Mar 10, 2007.

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  1. Get a load of this, FFS!

    If you take in the three vids, you get the impression that this is an extremely serious problem in urgent need of address, but which has been swept under the mat and “desensationalised” so as not to “spook the rest”. But maybe it’s something that really needs to be brought out into the open.


    Consider also this report:


    As ex-RAMC, I served with any number of women and I never heard anything nearly as bad as this with regard to the treatment of women in the forces. However, maybe it’s time that a survey was held about the treatment of women in the British Army. Just to make sure that we don’t go the way of the Septics.

    Just a thought.

  2. The solution is brilliantly simple, stop hiring girls. There were zero sexual assaults in the infantry battalions I served in.
    Or, alternatively (and I like this solution best), I believe we should make the military 100% female. Send the bitches off to war.

    BTW, are you a girl, Bugsy?
  3. Trolling today?
  4. Is that the best you can do? No mention of the subject of the thread? No cause for worry?

  5. Stating the obvious counts as 'good enough' I'd say.

    You mean the subject line you wrote that assumes it's all true without a bit of doubt?
  6. If true, it's obviously extremely concerning and requires immediate action. However, there's precious little in those links to suggest the allegations are true.
  7. I personally find it all a bit suspect;
    1) Col. Karpinski from Abu Ghrab fame was courtmartialed and demoted as a result and wouldn't have any reason to make up some nonsense to make the Army or her superior Shancez look bad. :roll:

    2) A Sgt with 22 years in. That's an E-5 the lowest ranking NCO. That leads me to believe she was either crap and subject to a RIF or she was subject to some type of UCMJ actions and subsequently forced out. She should have at a minimum been a SSgt (E-6)

    3) The Spc (E-4) never says that she was attacked or recounts a specific event(s) just generally said she felt uneasy. And then this little tid bit
    Let me translate: "Joined for the college money didn't realise I would actually be called upon to my do job in a war zone, and sweat my norks off in a desert. I'm done and want out!"

    Oh and she's knock up now wonder if that is another way she is attempting to get out?

    There was no evidence presented it appears to all be opinon by some suspect slags pissed off at the Army.

    I didn't view the video just browsed the transcript.
  8. I was in Arif Jan (think thats right) at the begining of 2003 and remember hearing about at least three rapes by U.S personel some i was led to believe on U.K personel and all during NBC (whatever its called now we thought it was real) attacks.
  9. Do US forces have an equality and diversity policy?

    Are there values and standards that are listed, taught, reinforced and expected of US Forces?
  10. Yes. To the point of PC motivated promotions

    I won't call any of the accusers liars here, but from what I know, from men AND women I've talked to, there is little sexism, let alone assault in the US Military. If these there is any truth to any of what has just been shared, it is a problem with a few individuals, NOT institutional.

    Those sources are far from being neutral as well. It's insulting that this would be so quickly decided to be gospel and then thrown at us yanks.
  11. by PC do you mean Political Correctness? or something else?

    I can understand that some groups may be treated differently, even subject to some form of abuse, sexism, racism etc some of which requires a greater understanding to establish that this behaviour is inappropriate.

    However i do not believe that the vast majority do not know right from wrong as is suggested.
  12. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Once again, I find that I must agree with your statement above 100%, on all accounts! I especially think that the former general, has more then a few axes to grind. :frustrated:
  13. As long a CJ says its alright everything must be..........Thank god he's monitoring the situation
  14. The article and video probably have a small element of truth covered in complete BS.

    Yes, there is an EO (Equal Opportunity) program. The issue of race and sexual harassment receives serious coverage in all units. Each company has an EO NCO, as does each battalion and so one up the unit hierarchies. I attended the two week course as an additional duty to be my units EO NCO a few years back. Very PC but also enlightening.

    Any commander who doesn't give credence to EO issues is frankly putting his/her career in jeopardy. Yet I've seen real abuses of the system. Two young female soldiers, when I was on Ft Bragg, used the EO system to get revenge on an NCO who they disliked. It resulted in investigations (15-1) and having his career stalled while waiting to be cleared. Pity the stupid male NCO who doesn't leave his door open or have another (preferably female) NCO with him when he gives negative counseling or punishment to a female soldier.

    Most females are watched more closely because, simply, you're dealing with young males and females. Raging hormones equals trouble and all that. The worst I ever saw it was when we were on the same base as some Brits and Italian Folgore. Our single female, a pretty blond admin clerk, couldn't walk 100m without being cat-called by the Brits or having a dozen Italians try to light her cigarette and tell her how beautiful she was. We had to have a permanent escort for the girl.
  15. http://www.defenselink.mil/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=53525