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Minimum Days

What is considered a "Day" ? Is a Drill night a day or only the w/e or is x amount of drill nights = 1 day

I read some blurb about 27 "Days" I find it hard to believe that you can get your bounty after only 27 drill nights and not w/e or annual camp


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1/4 day: upto 2 hrs (inclusive)
1/2 day: upto 4 hrs (inc)
Day: 4 hrs 1 min to 24 hrs, including at least 4 hrs military training
Rereading the original question, they refer to Man Training Days. Normally a training evening is 1/4 day (sometimes half), and weekends 2.5 days (sometimes 2 or 2.25 depending on unit).

So, 12 days out of camp training is not a lot. Less than 5 weekends a year....
Realistically depending on unit policy I have worked on 10 days of evenings (4 x 1/4 x 10 allowing for leave periods) + 5 weekends (2.5 x 5) = 22.5 days + 5 days in camp training = 27.5 if on reduced camp/short course.

Since there is normally a requirement for at least 10 days continuous training the more likely figure is 33.5
Must have changed since I was an Independent.

27 days commitment was 15 days in camp + 12 days out of camp (i.e. weekends or other courses). (Obligatory days are included in the out of camp days).

1/4 day was 2-5 hours, 1/2 day was 5-8 hours, 1 day was 8+ hours.

Part days were for payment purposes, not for Bounty.

Less than 2 hours was not paid, though travel expenses could be claimed.
Read the back of your signing on sheets, it is quite clear........But ive heard its all going to be done via a computer soon, signing in and out...
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