Extreme stuffyouve done when drunk!....

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by numbered_3, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. Bee, You're contribution(RE: Daysack) has to be a winner!
    However a while back (2 months or so) after meeting Bee and Carlos in London i left shiters (Its only natural!) to get on a train at London Victoria to East Croydon! however!...
    Once on the train Mr N3 Fell akip and woke up in Haywards Heath???
    Where the fuck is that?
    After i found out i was on the last one of the trains going back to victoria (via) Warlingham) was i happyabout being 1 mins drive!
  2. I take it you've been drinking...
  3. I know how he feels, he must be watching the test match
  4. MQ in Duesseldorf was on 6th floor. Exterior decoraters had erected scaffolding. I came home from the mess just as birds were starting to sing. Mrs ORC + two or three singlies there for eggas and bacon went inside as usual. I felt challenged to climb the scaffolding - using just the angled nits as there were no laders. They came to MQ window to look into car parl for me just as I knocked on the window from the outside. Spent the rest of the w/end wondering why my shoulders hurt.
  5. Sounds like we catch the same train.

    Many a time I’ve tried to get home from London while pissed, I’ve woken up in Brighton more times than I care to remember only to be lumbered with a £90 taxi home at 2am.

    Two weeks ago I got on a train dressed as a monkey after coming back from an office party with a belly full of free booze.
    I got on the train at midnight and woke up back at Victoria after falling asleep and going back and forth between Gatwick.

    I try and avoid drink heavily in London now :oops:
  6. LOL same area, must be cursed :D
  8. Urinated on my Grandmother. At her 80th birthday party after an hour of listening to her and her friends talking about problems down below and who slept with americans I decided to have a drinking competition with my old man, a seasoned piss head, and lost badly. I staggered up to go to the loo stood in front of Granny and let loose a bladderfull all over her my mothers carpet and couch with splashes landing as far a field asthe TV and windows. didn't get much in her will.
  10. I can't even remember writing that original post!
    Good lord i must have been f*cking steaming!
  11. Branded myself. Litre bottles of San Miguel made me do it!