Extreme Ironing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sabre, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. Whilst bored , i have been hunting around the net for some strange site
    And happend to come across this one.

    Its called
    Extreme ironing

    Basically people take a ironing board and a iron, and then iron in weird places,

    Such as underwater, Ontop of mountains etc...

    Even abseiling!!!

    And i thought ironing in the block was bad enough!!

    Has anyone else heard of this? Or even competed in it?

  2. :lol: at the site.

    I have heard of extreme ironing before. I am sure they had a championships out here in Oz recently and showed a bit of it on telly. Underwater ironing.....fraught with danger surely :wink:
  3. Saw it on the TV news in Australia, it looks so bizarre its funny... as they say... too much time and idle hands and all that makes odd people dream up odd things to do
  4. Took a board out on a border patrol in Iraq and was hoping for a few rounds whilst pressing my shirt but sadly no-one obliged. That would be true extreme ironing... starching under fire.
  5. RTFQ


  6. Cracking find RTFQ!
  7. In the wake of extreme ironing comes "extreme fat-birding". When on rugby tour, lads' nights out et cetera we have all I think participated in some fat-birding action...whether because of an adherence to the G.U.E. principle (go ugly early) or to take out the Space-hopper obscuring your buddy's approach to her fit mate.

    It seems logical therefore to move on to extreme fatbirding, pulling a boiler whilst wind-surfing, tandem free-falling or possibly pot-holing. Though to be fair it would have to be quite a big pot-hole for the fat-bird's sake. We have already started the process of forming a United Kingdom Extreme Fatbirding Society. It would be inspirational though to hear from any proficient or would-be extreme fat-birders...

    In the meantime my own ascent of Fat Amanda from the pub whilst climbing Kilimanjaro has had to be rescheduled due to wife objections. Because its there...
  8. A great plan Cuddles. I think it is just enough of a fringe group to get lottery funding. Bonus.
  9. A rugby club i used to play for play a game called fat girl rodeo. You find afformentioned lady, grab her in a tight bearhug and whisper in her ear "Your the fattest, ugliest most disgusting creature i've ever seen but i love you" then see how long you can hold on for! Perhaps this could be the initiation ceremony for UKEFS. Minimum times to be acheived would keep the socialites out leaving a hard core Extreme Fatbird elite!
  10. Now that sounds fun, i'm giving that a go on saturday night. I'm thinking get some practice in and we'll hold an Arrse championships hopefully soon enough for it to get recognition for 2012.
  11. Definetly not for the faint hearted! I saw an 18st maori prop get the living sh1t kicked out of him in a club. He was only saved by the club captains quick thinking and the rest of the team launching scolding hot chicken and mushroom pies at the imperial tonners! Team made a quick exit, barred for life, another one on the list!
  12. Sorry to hi-jack the thread but surprise is obviously the tactical dogs bollocks!!

    I like the fat girl rodeo, it reminds me of the old standard of shagging a girl-friend and at the critical moment whispering her sister/mother/best mate's name into her shell-like...then yee-ha, ride her cowboy!

    EFB is the only way forward. I quite like the idea of free-diving with the fat black bird out of the Dove adverts...