Extreme / Interesting Experiences Whilst Driving on Tour

I ran a child over in Afghanistan whilst I was driving a Pinzgauer.
I have driven 90 110 and wolf landrover, sometimes I pull a trailer, pinzguars were more fun off road though. Don't get me started on Bedfords.


I managed to crash into one of those huge dayglo orange range pyramids on SPTA

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I managed to kill a series 3 lannie by stuffing it up the exhaust pipe of the lannie in front at Sennelager, on pre deployment training, I bent the engine mounts, I didn't even get stuck on as the RSM rated our chances of survival on the low end of the scale.
Nothing says " you're all fcuked " like having the RSM and CO serve you breakfast on the morning you leave.

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Does running down drunken paddys in a pig count?


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Rammed an Iraqi police car.
Grounded a LandRover on a piece of flat land.

Somebody left an empty oil drum in the road. 110s don't crush empty oil drums .

On tour though, I was driven.
Dropped the front axle of a series 3 into a trench that hadnt been filled in. Finally got the ****** out and then drove through a brabed wire fence that bent the front wings.
T-boned a joy rider in Turf Lodge. Passenger was debussing at the time and and got his leg smashed the poor lamb.


One of our RCT drivers, a big geordie lad, was pretty good at clipping civvy cars with his pig during riots in the Turf. It was always great fun riding shotgun with him.



A mate of mine hit a sugar puff toothed choghi on a bike with his Warrior and sent him flying off the side of the bridge they were crossing in Bosnia.

I don't know if he was ok or not as he didn't stop because he was in a hurry to get back for EFI break.

Another mate managed to kill four Kenyans with a Bedford MJ, he didn't even get a Master Driver's commendation.

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True story, Warrior in Bosnia parked up observing, konbhead in a Lada pulls up in front of it, backs up tight to the front gets out and opens the boot.
Takes out two mines and puts them under the tracks at the rear of the warrior, wanders back to boot and pulls out more mines lays them at the side of the warrior, repeats at other side, thinks " how much ransom should I ask for an AFV and it's crew.
Warrior commander, now bored with the antics instructs driver "let's go before he hurts himself" driver engages forward, Lada becomes a piece of flat tin, chogie astonished that his vehicle was not the impenetrable barrier he thought.

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I saw a Bedford 14 tonner packed solid with tank track knock a choggie bus over a cliff somewhere in Bosnia, which was nice.
Turned another boring detail mildly interesting.
I once almost flew a Chipmunk into the side of a double decker bus. Shortly after that they decided that perhaps flying training wasn't for me.

In retrospect they were almost certainly right.

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