Extreme Folly of Britains new opium war

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Its all rather hysterical in tone and very dismissive of current facts on the ground. Commie bullshit
  2. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    An interesting article, and remarkably true I'd say. Totally reflects the situation on the ground but, sadly, omits any reference to the International Community doing little but soak up what little cash there is available to reconstruct the country by spending it on badly trained forces that have no idea how to conduct a simultaneous counter-insurgency PSO operation, or by NGOs who insist on ignoring Mil advice on where their aid will be effective rather than stolen.

    What that country needs is specialist monitoring/confidence building teams and a reliable police force (with protection where necessary), IPTF style but without the pennyless there for a ride. Start an oil-slick op in relatively secure areas, show the locals that security can work, and simultaneously prep 'red' areas for ops later.

    Great country, great people, being serious let down by half baked plans (US and UK, but especially the IC).
  3. I was once a stone cold sober witness to a marvelous argument between two under the weather Yanks in a Thai bar.
    The younger guy, mid 30's and long term resident was saying words to the effect of
    "You Think The DEA is trying to eradicate the drugs problem'
    Older Newbei
    'Yah sure they are'
    "Boll acks, the DEA is a multi Billion $ enterprise with a seat at the Top table for its Director"
    'No no drugs are ruining the States and the DEA will sort it out'
    "The DEA has thousands of graduates in Secure Government jobs paying good regular wage, raising families, putting kids through collage, setting up their pension fund and you think they are going to throw all of that away for the sake of a few thousand drug addicts?"

    Drugs never go away, Governemnts never sort out their Adicts. Do Brit or US civil servents get compulsory spontanious Blood checks ?
    Hows about all recipients of Awards, knighthoods and like, getting a spot check and a repeated check, not to mention MPs Judges and lawyers. All Profestional people. ALL.

    No it's far easier to sent TOM off to do his duty in sum forieng land where the real evil doers live.
    Let them sort out the farmer who works hard for his pittance and don't bother the warlord who sits in the new freely elected Democratic parliment with it's former Alliburton employee as President.
    Stinks F ing Stinks.
  4. I came across the link below which made me chuckle in a galgenhumor sort of way:


    "... the Afghan parliament, elected in U.N.-funded polls in September, voted overwhelmingly to ask international firms and non-governmental organisations about how the money had been spent ..." and "Many Afghans complain that despite the assistance, they have seen little change in their lives or progress in reconstructing their war-battered country ..."

    Maybe they're all "hysterical commie bullshitters" as well ?

    Scarily I agreed with most of the Guardian article, particularly the bit about what the writer would do if they were i/c the Afghanistan deployment:

    "I would ask to see Reid before leaving. I would grab him by his lapels, ram his head against the ministry wall and scream in his face: "Tell me what the hell you really mean by sending my soldiers to that godawful place?" "
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah - Im with O_O_TS on this - I especially appreciated the vision conjured up by the last para.

    Spookily enough I bumped into a mate at lunchtime who's off to said province in 4 weeks.

    He got back from a six month tour in Basra just before Christmas.

    He's a civil servant - so there by choice rather than a brown envelope......
  6. Hasn't the Government heard of Agent Orange for God's sake?
  7. Yes Herren, it causes birth defects....Oh, I see where you are coming from now....
  8. mmmmmmmmmmm Dioxinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (Homer Simpson type drool)
  9. Yes, yes, Herren - but Homer is yellow.......
  10. I'm with you on this one O O T S. To the best of my knowledge no occupying Army has ever left Afghanistan without it's tail between it's legs following a right royal b*ggering. Stand by for one massive gang f@ck.
  11. I found looking at a WH Smiths War Map of Afghanistan from 1860ish that someone turned up quite sobering. Some things don't change, no matter how many Powerpoint presentations get written.

    I also find it disturbing to contemplate the fact that the people growing opium are some of the poorest and most deprived in the world; that poppies are the only cash crop available to them; that destroying their crops will eliminate their income and hence their ability to eat or keep warm; that we cannot with the planned assets supply them; and that they are mean hard SoBs with a long and bloody history of driving foreigners from their lands. Oh, and don't forget they'll be funded and supplied by the drug lords when they come after us. And resulting increases in the price of drugs in the UK will be funded by addicts committing more crime.
  12. Then lets enlist the addicts, send them to Afghanistan and let them have as much Opium as they can eat...
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    Their was a programme on this a while ago documenting the success of opium erradication already taking place, in short, there wasnt any success, their is no viable alternative to opium for the afghan farmers, nothing earns them the same pay, unless we are gonna pay them and lash them up with some serious aid until they can get new cash crops growing, it aint gonna work, and if we do go ahead blindly destroying crops it is only gonna lead to one very pissed off local populace, so when Jihad Joe turns up with his megaphone, AK and Quran to prach about the white infidel devils destroying afghan and her people, it's only gonna sound more appealing and convincing. I'm of the belief, the only reason Afghanistan dooesn't seem to have an insurgency on the iraq level is because the people don't want it, they want peace and prosperity and have had enough of war, but it doesn't take much to push people over the edge.
  14. One of the Strange

    despite bliars 'orders' - headline grabbing spin of the caliber of the police walking chavs down to the cash point etc. No non Afghan Govt sanctioned poppy eradication program will be started. The Afghan Govt will not sanction such a destabilising activity. The EU/UN are examining a serious project proposal to legalise the Afghan Opium trade for legit aplications, if that goes ahead NATO troops on th ground will act in support of Afghan forces making sure stock only goes to Govt warehouses.