Extreme E

The inaugural season of Extreme E racing starts in April 2021.

In short it’s FIA sanctioned using electric off road vehicles in differing environments with a stated aim of raising issues on climate change.

10 teams or 2 drivers each. One male, One female.

There are some famous names who have teams in it - Jenson Button (JBXE), Lewis Hamilton (X44) and Nico Rosberg (Rosberg extreme racing) to name just three.

Some great driver choices as well - Jenson Button, Carlos Sainz Sr, Sebastien Loeb. The women may not be so well known, probably because they don’t get the same exposure as the men, but Jamie Chadwick (W Series Champion & Williams F1 development driver) is in it and so is this lady (christine giampaoli zonca)



Thought that might perk your interest.

First race is 03-04 April in Saudi Arabia

Racing format explained here.

It’ll be available on Sky and the BBC will stream it.
Is wearing of the swim suit on the parade lap mandatory for the ladies?

Well there’s no fire risk, just electrical. They will be fine if they wear rubber boots, thigh length just to be on the safe side.
Not sure how manufacturing cars and generating leccy for them will help climate change, but hey ho, neither do the climate change cult.

Ignoring that, electric vehicles do seem to be the future and there are some seriously powerful motors available/on the horizon, so this could be good...
There’s a crazy race, points for the longest jump and hyperdrive.

Did an ARRSEr think up the format?
There's nothing new about racing electric cars. I've still got the Le Mans set in its box somewhere.

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