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extreme datng - man has affair with tracie andrews?

I d shag it! I ve shagged worse....she sobbed as she said it was cot death, as my cock slipped into her desperate ex con mouth and blasted my muck into get child murdering mouth...!
If she's done 14 years for one murder, that's about the going rate in this country, so I guess she has paid her debt to society, even though her victim's family and friends disagree.

Yes, I'd shag her, but I wouldn't give her my real name, address, phone number, or even tell her what music or sport that I like.
After 14 years inside she's bound to lick minge as well.
You are right .....

August 4, 2007: It is revealed she has been sharing lesbian jail romps with a murdering hooker.

November 2009: Andrews has surgery in jail, paid for by the NHS, to correct a jaw problem.​

Read more: I bedded hairdresser..then found out she was ‘road rage’ killer Tracie Andrews | The Sun |News
I wonder if the 2 events are connected - perhaps too much licking led to a dislocated jaw?

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