Extreme danger wanking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Aug 23, 2012.

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  1. Man caught masturbating gets Tesco ban - Local - Halifax Courier

    Do we have a possible new sport?
  2. He only popped in for some noodles. How do you get from noodles to burping the worm in the raspberry kharzi with your jumper over your head? This man has the makings of a legend.
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  3. Only in fucking Halifax!
  4. We can still see you with your jumper over your head! muppet
  5. Would've been a dooley, my brother used to work with same heads and had to go on a course called "Coping with challenging behaviour". Challenging behaviour encompasses all and everything from screaming and swearing to masturbating in public.
  6. Lightweight, when I was at 6th form I worked at the local Co-op. One Christmas Santa went to the staff toilet and meaty slapping noises were heard or so said the lad who shoved the trolleys. I'm sure it was 100% genuine.
  7. Bollocks, I bet it happens in Toddy all the time.
  8. Can't argue with that to be fair!
  9. Please explain "Toddy" for the benefit of us south of the M4 please.
  10. Todmorden, the place is full of inbreds.
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  11. I'm only 37 !
  12. Does it count as dangerous if a sister in law does it for you whilst the wife is in the next door bedroom?
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Kit Reviewer

    Every little helps.
  14. I worked with an almost middle aged morbidly obese chap who was suspended without pay when an area manager just happened to pay a suprise visit to the branch and use the loo.

    Said fatty emerged from a cubicle with a wank mag in hand just as the big boss walked into to take a wazz, sources also confirmed that his bedroom had a shelf unit full of porn and that clear plastic kitchen matting like you gran has down in front of the telly and video.

    And he lived with his mum.
  15. Depends. Are you a helicopter pilot?
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