extreme cold weater gloves

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by NEXT, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. are these any good for a motorbike?

    most of the bike gloves I've had still let the cold in, so I'm thinking of getting a pair of these

    I'm not worried about the lack of protection in a crash, just need to keep me hands warm!

    are they waterproof or do I need the goretex outers too?

    a few on ebay, or anyone on here have a set to sell?

    thanks in advance
  2. Can't you get heated ones?
    Issued ECW ones are no good as they're mittens.
  3. too expensive/ fiddlesome

    have used overmitts in the past and can ride ok in them so these ECW shouldn't pose any problems
  4. seen these in our newspapers but they take a D size battery

    I can do without the protection but don't fancy a fall and hitting the ground with a big battery tied to me wrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need info on the ECW gloves please, anyone have experience of them, especially on a m/bike?
  5. On a related note, anybody know where to get these aside from stores, or someone else's stores?

    ie. a shop?
  6. On a bike?
    Heaten grips and proper gloves, anything else is just to risky
  7. Yeah i wore my issue monsters for a while then ended up ripping my hands to shreds. Nothing better than something designed for the job mate.
  8. Wouldn't it be rather like trying to ride while wearing oven mitts?
  9. my usual m/c gloves are leather with carbon backs and knuckles but the cold is killing me. have looked at bike sites and seen riders recommendations but then someone else shoots them down. I think the reason being is that everyone's tolerance to cold is different.

    I do a lot of motorway riding so the issue of mitts over gloves doesn't really come into it. muffs were great but kept depressing the clutch and brake levers no matter how much adjusting I did. they were great for the m/way, as I think mitts will be, but I couldn't live with them around town!

    jagman: thought about heated grips but some horror stories with bad wiring etc. I'll have to trade off the protection side of things for the warmth and hope things don't go pear shaped

    I've got a link to a mil surplus store offering ECW mitts (mk 3 R.Marine issue) so I'm just getting me money out!
  10. Next time you're passing through a motorway service area, see what the long-distance motorbike couriers are wearing.

    Hein Gericke two-finger lobster claw motorcycling gloves; they are toasty (keep a spare dry pair warm inside your jacket, for really long distances).
  11. WTF...........
  12. Reported.
  13. Is obvious
  14. Grass!

    Yeah me too
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