Extreme Casual Fridays!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, May 25, 2010.

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  1. " For the last 40 years, people have been taught that dressing for success is the way to climb the corporate ladder. " - so says David Moye. " Is it possible that the consultants had it backward and that undressing is the way to increase workplace productivity?"

    that's the premise of Brit reality series The Naked Office..

    Who the f$$k is Seven Suphi and how the hell did this ' behavioural change specialist' and ' leadership guru ' get to the point where she can actually convince peopl that running around naked at their office/workplace is actually going to improve things?

    Emperor's New Clothes, anyone??

    Bloody hell, there are some people in every work environment that no one wants to see starkers and others who would be so leched after nude that no one would get work done for gawking at her [ or him, I suppose ]..

    I'm sorry, but Naked Fridays is a bit too casual for me and this is all a ploy to get people watching out of prurient interest in an attempt to slip soft,soft porn onto TV...

    I bet any company that adopts this ' change' won't get much business, other than funky, funny, done that day and for many a day until emnity and/or boredom sets in..

    Still..might be fun to see politicians in Parliament strutting about in the altogether, might take them down a pompous notch or two..

    edite4d to add its on Virgin 1 - if anyone wants to programme the VCR/DVD recorder...
  2. It was a right load of old crap - there was only one of them I'd want to see naked and she came in wearing a huge pair of 'briefs'.
    From certain camera angles it was fairly obvious she had pasties on her nips. Thus showing the whole thing to be faked and totally invalidating any point to the programme save for the sub-Channel 5 voyeurism referred to above.
    If they'd been truly naked and the producers had blurred it all out to save their blushes with family etc then the 'experiment' would have had some validity. As it was, it was neither soft porn nor social experiment but merely low-rent exploitative telly.

    And yes, I did only watch the first and last five minutes - once I'd identified the totty (singular for us straight males) and realised that it was all building up to a final 'reveal' I switched over to Babestation in the meantime. :)
  3. The genius is that she makes a fortune out of this shite.
  4. Really it is a travesty...like that Gok lad(?) and his "How to look good naked" show. If he really knew what he was talking about, his size 14-18 blimpers would have me hanging out of their back doors...that would look good. Or possibly my man fat smeared over their breasticles in the style of a plasterer's radio? Whichever...

    Either way these soft porn "reality" programmes are just prurient nonsense. I am told there weren't even fibre-optic internal penetration shots in this Naked Office, well that's just madness.
  5. No bra then Alabama Mama?