Extreme Camping!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Slates, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. OK lets hear ideas of the most extreme place you can camp, the rules however are you have to have at least four pegs in and you score more points for pictures and the ability to trip as many people as possible with your guy ropes :twisted:

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  2. I am lost for words.... imagine stepping out for a leg stretch and lag!
  3. Holly SH1T!!!!

    lost for words.....
  4. OK, now imagine trying to haul the kit up after every pitch!
  5. [​IMG]

    Thought you meant this?
  6. Wowzers!
    Wonder where they took the piccy from?!
  7. I have a bright pink tent with flowers on it, now that's extremely camp.................... :lol:
  8. Base jump anyone? :)
  9. Bullet_sponge is this your tent? if so, stay outta my back garden in future!!! :x

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  10. Fcuk it I'm in the wrong garden again! :oops:
  11. oh yeah and can i have my dog back? 8O
  12. Ummm yeah, sorry about that. It didn't fit in my oven anyway........... :lol:
  13. Re the pic of the 3 tents on the vertical rock face.... Why??????? Why do normal sane, human beings with a knowledge of gravity and the principles that human falling on to rocks a long way off = dead ... do they then sleep in a tent held on by a rope and a metal pin hammered in to the rock? The rope, pin, tent, floor or even rock face could give way? And of course some one will say how many 1000s of KGs breaking strain all the components have, but i can only say, ever seen a rope fray and snap, a knot slip, rust, metal fatiuge or a rock crack or crumble?