Extreme Beer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. In the interest of proving that America actually can produce a drink closely resembling " Beer " Sam Adams brewery is offering
    UTOPIAS [ funny moniker that, but...]

    For a modest $ 100 US per copper decanter you can imbibe a brew that tastes like " cognac smells " [ according to their press release WTF? ]..

    The kicker? it contains 25 % alcohol...

    Means, of course, no American beer drinker could ever finish one ...
  2. Why not just by 40% alcohol cognac that "smells like cognac" for $20 a bottle
  3. Sam Adams is quite good for spam beer, but really making one that strong seems a bit pointless. If I wanted to get snotted on beer that strong I'd get some Belgian Trappist ale in.

    As you've said, how many spams can drink beer that strong in any quantity anyway?

    I speak as someone who's done the US micro-brewery trail and has found some decent beer on it. My faves? Smuttynose from NH and Sierra Nevada from CA.

  4. In my experience, sam adams actually brews some very very nice beer. Does anyone know if you can get it in the uk?

  5. Yes, I've got it before from Majestic Wine Warehouse and I think Sainsbury's might do it.

  6. Bravo! Many thanks. Will scurry to both those fine places upon my return to the uk