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Extreme anti-Woke among the young

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In short, he (and many others) think you're an idiot and we don't care what you think.
Indeed, and no one ever gets famous by going "look at meeeee'
Frankly, it's just tedious.

"Think of my feelings"

"But, but, but..."

I'm too busy getting on with life, my own life, thanks... getting enough work in, paying the bills and so on.

I don't need to be constantly virtue-signalling and telling people I understand. Nor am I particularly interested in its sex life - if indeed it has one (and yes, 'it' is grammatically correct; 'them' being a pronoun and 'used as the object of a verb or preposition to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified'). Nor do I accept that mine is the minority view; it seems to be rather in the majority (which is what seems to be upsetting our little cherub).

If someone has angst over their sexuality, that's their burden. It's not inflicted. We live in a time when being understanding overrides everything - including the day-to-day of, well, everyone else, frankly.

Hence making the point that no-one is any more important than anyone else.

Standing by for the next barrage of random words dressed up as intellectual and moral superiority...
That's the thing I've got gay friends, and might make rather a lot of jokes, but there is never any malice intended

Life is is too short to worry about stepping on eggshells

It's the intent, not just the words themselves that should be the matter

Going "He's behind you" doesn't make you a homophobe for example

Most people are live and let live, but to be labelled, racist, transphobes, homophobes etc for the most imagined slight can get well silly
yes you have contradicted yourself

because you have thus far

admitted that physiological intersex conditions exist and that there is a durable biological basis for gender dysphoria

conflated physiologicals sex traits with the durable biological concept of Gender Identity ( or perhaps every reputable endocrinology learned body, every reputable psychiatric learned body - generally saying to summarise ' trans folks aren't mad, and the evidence says correction of the hormonal milieu is proven to improve other mental health difficulties , though the primary cause of trans folks mental health difficulties are clinically illiterate puce faced harumphers who insist that middle school textbooks are correct - the irony of course is thanks to the concern trolls most trans people have had mulitiple mental state, mental capacity and 'sanity' assessments and have far better documented evidence of their sanity than the majority of the population claiming to be sane )
There are two sexes. Male and female.
Put the thesaurus away and accept reality.
You're reality may not reflect the actual reality, which comes under the mental abnormality area of my previous posts.
Billions of people on this planet have billions of different opinions and beliefs, but most of us just get on with life and try not to cause bother to anyone else, or scream for attention because we feel inferior and being the centre of attention helps boost our egos.
One more time...There are two sexes....Male and female.


ah SPaG flaming the last resort of the desperate who are intellectually incapable of countering the thrust of the point being made or are unable to accept that their minority viewpoint is unsupported by the evidence base and the operational policy of the NHS

Have you ever been introduced to the concept of full stops and paragraphs?
Indeed, and no one ever gets famous by going "look at meeeee'

...but in most cases they are laughing at him, not with him...


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Wokism is just degenerative female thought.
Conservatism is the thought patterns of male visionaries.


such as shame that Internationally respected journal Nature says otherwise

The war against intelligence is always waged in the name of common sense
(Roland Barthes)
There are no grey areas here.
It's male or female.
Anything else is a mental or physical abnormality.
No amount of foot stamping or thcweaming until you make yourself thick will ever alter that.

No, there are 3 sexes. Male, Female and Hermaphrodite.

Gender is a personal mental, physical or trained choice.


For what it’s worth, I lean towards the two gender viewpoint: - Prostate-Negative (PN) and Prostate-Positive (PP).

Anything else is a social-construct based around surgery, hormones, life experiences or flaky theories.

The important thing isn’t how someone labels themselves (or others), it’s whether or not they’re a decent human being.
I was always told to put the conclusion first, on the basis that might be the only bit that is read, and if they have to wade through pages of detail to get to the conclusion they might just not bother at all
That is how to write all reports.
Most managers don't read any further.
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