Extrema Ratio & L-85A2

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Vaughany, Aug 15, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone tell me wether the Extrema Ratio Fulcrum Bayonet fits the L-85A2 muzzle. The website states anything M-16/ C-7ish, just don't know abouth the SA80 Barrel.
    Also can anyone tell me where the cheapest retailer is? Ta
  2. Why would you want to know this?
  3. I'm looking for a full blade utility knife for when I go out and do bushcraft.......Yes I know i'm the ubergeek.... Also I don't really want to buy a normal Extrema Ratio Fulcrum when I can buy the bayonet version and use it for two purposes. I'm going for officer training soon and figured it would be useful after i've passed out and gone to my squadron.
  4. If you turn up with your own bayonet at any unit you will find a man with a red hat inviting you in for an interview, soon after this they will be calling you Mister and not because you are a subaltern.

    Shortly after being called Mister you will be likely to earn the title "defendant" followed by your own serial number in Armley gaol.

    You are a very warrying young man.
  5. Eh? Granted he's getting a bit ahead of himself but what makes you think that someone will be discharged, prosecuted and imprisoned for owning a bayonet? Sounds a bit far fetched to me.
  6. you'll also be branded a walt
  7. To give you an example of how it will be looked upon if you turn up at a unit with a privately purchased bayonet or any big knife for that matter, a mate of mine told me story of when a his Pl Sgt was giving a lesson on exercise and suddenly stopped halfway through after noticing a big fcuk off knife attached to a blokes webbing. The Pl Sgt went mental and to this day the guy is still know as Rambo. Besides, it would be difficult to take anything with a blade over 3 inches anywhere with you i.e tour or foreign exercise as the RAF would confiscate it.
  8. True, you might be branded a walt or "Rambo" and the RAF might (illegally) confiscate it but I find it hard to believe that you'd be discharged, prosecuted and imprisoned.

    Before the SA80 came in lots of guys had big knives because the SLR bayonet was cr4p and you weren't allowed to sharpen it.
  9. Just googled it: $389.99 for a fcuking knife?

    You're a wrong'un.
  10. Can't see how it'll fit SA80
  11. 1) I would seriously question the stability and maturity of someone who turned up for phase one or Sandhurst with a damned great bayonet.

    2) Times have changed since the days of the SLR. Possesion of said damned great bayonet without good reason is now a criminal offence and the excuse "it doubles up as a boyonet, officer" is more than likely to get you time inside for possession.
  12. Just buy a decent lock knife .Very few jobs need a big knife bayonets are free and work just fine .
  13. whats the point in bayonettes nowadays anyway

    how often do they actually get used

    mine just sits in my gorilla box... it cant be attached to osprey so i never take it on ops

    unless anyones got any ideas of attaching it?????
  14. Bayonets have been used in recent times and id rather have one than not have one (an issued one that is)
  15. Only in a public place. In fact it was in the last days of SLR, 1988 Criminal Justice Act S139(2) I think you will find. I've got a four inch fixed blade knife on my belt as I write this and am going out with it in a few minutes. As I will be needing it to paunch rabbits, cut string and trim some poles I have "reasonable excuse".

    It might annoy the DS but it's not illegal to own it.

    I agree that turning up to phase one with it would be stupid and immature though.