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Are extra's legal?

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Are they a legal form of punishment, if your boss is p!ssed off with you, but can't nail any reason down enough to charge you?
I think it's a fair one.

Extra's are sometimes abused by over zealous/pressured adj's.

It is an informal punishment given as a gentleman's agreement. Long may it continue.
The original question asked if extras were legal. I seem to remember that a CO could award 3 extra guards or piquets on orders, but giving of extras as a punishment was against the rules.

Your right, used correctly extras have a place. You can put an individual on Orders and they may take a small financial hit, but you can guarantee that taking 3 saturdays off the soldier will have a far better effect.
Suspect that extras are not legal - extra duties could be claimed to be a summary punishment and/or victimisation/harrassment. However, what is there to be gained from challenging "the system" over a minor informal punishment?

In the longer term I suspect that all non-administrative punishments will be taken away from the CO and verbal/written warnings and recommendations will be all that can be awarded short of CM.
Do any of you lot read "Rights of a Soldier"?
When I was a youngster, I had loads of extras :oops:

It was certainly a better punnishement than going before the OC and getting a 50 quid fine for minor "errors of judgement", 50 quid is nothing realy, however take someones saturday away from them and they tend to learn from their mistakes.
Although extras have always been used as a means to an end they are (or were) a legal punishment if the offence in question was in connection with a duty eg sleeping on guard duty. Only legally awarded on orders - not in lieu of a charge
Dale the snail said:
Do any of you lot read "Rights of a Soldier"?
My dear old SSM told me that the only rights I had were the ones he let me have!!

And those could be withdrawn at a moments notice :twisted:
You are supposed to ask if they will accept extras. If the dimwit is happy to have the charge go on his records by refusing them, that's his lookout.
Extras in the past were used as an extremely effective method of bullying. Therefore they can no longer be given out. As far as I'm aware a soldier can volunteer for extras if he or she feels they have f**ked up.

But in answer to your question no they are most definately not legal!
Extras can serve a useful deterent and ease the weekend guard duty, an equally good thing I found that a formal charge and ROPs worked.

Mind I have been out for a while, can you still award ROPs.
Tell me about it. If you get a Fri duty at our place, you get the whole weekend. Had to come in to inspect a guy on ROPs all weekend. Great weekend. Deep Joy. Remind me to check for bad boys coming up before I do a Fri duty again lol.
Are they legal? Who cares? it just goes to show how americanised we have become, what is the question being asked ? "can i go down see my solicitor and whinge like a fcucking nancy that i gotta stag on 3 nights?" What is this world coming too? Im not a sweat by any standard, I finished my short 8 yrs 7 ago but extras (as has being mentioned!) were far more favourable than gettin shafted properly, and they don't go on your CR. Whinging fcuckers who cares, I know on many of my posts I have been recurrently harsh towards "Todays" army but we need to get a grip before we are gripped!!!! The Government are shafting us and so is every little pi55 pot mate of tonys so can The British Army not stand as the last bastion of what we all signed up for?

Do the crime do the time, simple as!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I have bein in a good mood all day and now Im well and truly in a bag on! Wiiiiiiiiiiffffffffffe 2 banjos brown sauce and pepper in my mouth GO!
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