just wondering!!! im posted at an atr and a fellow sgts mess member but i seem to have fucked up
i forgot to pay my mess bill on time (2 days later than it should have been payed but still in the same month) and i am lucky enouth to have got x2 extra guard dutys for my troubles.
i want to know is this allowed as i was not agai 67
and are they allowed to punnish me for failing to pay my mess bill on time


Yes the RSM and PMC can punish you as you have failed to comply with Mess rules etc (read them they should have a pay by date). However it is bad form for you to get 2 extras without the AGAI paperwork. This is then an illegal punishment but the bonus is that your offence is not on file infront of your SSM and Sqn hierachy so it could be in your favour.

Depends on how you want to play it and how much time you want to spend in the Badges crosshair. Its a minor misdemeanor between the Mess and you rather than you and your direct CoC.
You should get a further two extras for your spelling.

Lets just hope you never have to write up the minutes of a Mess meeting. :roll:
Best advice has got to be take it on the chin and pay on time from now on. As Disco said better that way than getting the CoC involved and making things too official - can you not pay by DD to avoid any further probs??

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