Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Glad_its_all_over, Feb 5, 2002.

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  1. I claim the record, unless anyone can beat it - ten, day on/day-off with my oppo for not preventing a 2Lt having a few bottles of Bier along on a non-tac exercise.
  2. Once recieved 10 for various offences during a Regi Dinner and then failed to turn up for the first one which was meant to start the day after England V Scotland rugby so Razzer gave me ten extra so 20 day on day off for forty days and nights although was allowed bread and water ?
  3. <low whistle>

    Cracking dinner, then?
  4. Good Dinner indeed had been a Sgt for 4 days and made Mr (stick it up my bottom) Vice for an Offr's & Sgt's Mess Stag Dinner about 220 people there and all with a wind up for yours truly ?
  5. I used to present a bottle of port to the RSM before the dinner started, but now I'm an old fart and my days of fun are well and truly over, or thats what my wife tells me!
  6. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    37 Extras in 2 months - mind that was when I was a f*ckwit of a Signalman.
  7. I did once see a Duty Ammendment on orders that read

    ROS May
    Delete all odd dates-insert Sgt *******
    Delete all even dates - insert Sgt *******

    well chuffed as I missed out on 2
  8. Flash to bang wrote:
    Sadly I once got a month of ODD extras and I completely lost the will to live after two weeks and had to start selling duties for fear of falling asleep at work. :(
  9. Had any since you were a f*ckwit of a clerk? (just asking)
  10. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I remember the days of "which month do you want"
  11. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    More than a few, thanks for asking! :wink:
  12. Although I'm not a member of this illustrious mess, I wanted to share my award of 56 extras.

    52 were awarded - one for every week of the year so that 'I would have ample time to reflect on my crime'.

    An additional 4 were added 'for good luck'.

    My offence? Well, let's just say that I was a young subby, I was very drunk, and the CO's wife looked very appealing!! :D
  13. Hats Off! Beats any I ever got "rolling the dice" - Managed to get maximum of 44 from the deadly dice. Would have got away with about 6, but the regt'l scarey monster made me roll again!!
    :roll: :roll:
  14. J_D

    J_D LE

    ok please don't rip me a new arse hole when i ask "whats extra's?"
  15. Thought you were in the Navy Anya :?:

    Surely you must know what extras are, ever heard of a Troll :roll: