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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Subb0, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello I found this and I found it slightly useful but I'm now going about getting my extras for phase 1b i've already grabbed a couple of extra water bottle pouches for my webbing. I was wondering is it worth ordering the bits suggested from the store suggested (e.g. wash bag, first aid kit, sewing kit blahty blah blah..) or putting them together your self I went into boots today to look for a first aid thing and there were several ranging from one with needles in to one with a few plasters in..

    To get to the point I'm feeling a little lost as what to buy and what is needed so if some one who has been there could point me in a right direction I would be more than happy.

    Also are the combat survival tins any good? where could I get some large zip bag that are water tight for my bergen as I can't think I was told not to use bin bags as at night I might run into trouble..

    Thank you very much for any advice and help i know it sounds all a little silly but I don't want to be un prepared So far the only thing I have found it a multi tool and some paracord.. (though looking at online prices I got ripped off :p) I also need a spoon apparently.. no idea where on earth I could buy a singular spoon from hehe..
  2. first aid kit: only put things you will use ie a few plasters, blister strips, nurofen anti histamine.
    as for a survival kit i have never had one, nor had the requirement to use one. Even on survival exercises ive not been allowed to have one...
    Belt Kit is all personal choice
  3. They come free with a meal at Fleet Services on the way to SPTA, allegedly... :omg:
  4. Have a gander here

    At the end of the day, its personal preference, as for waterproofing kit, I find those big re-sealable bags (like food bags) work just dandy...means you can squash a lot of the air out of stuff to take up less room too.
  5. Have recently got back form 1b and we weren't allowed to have anything on our belt that wasn't issued! so go careful with the water pouch - although they won't stop you carrying more in your bergen, also weren't allowed to take food - any more than sweets into the field.

    you should have been issued a Knife fork spoon (KFS)

    don't worry too much if you folow the packing list you will not go far wrong! and have fun!
  6. Survival tins- forget it. As mentioned, never get to use them even on a survival ex. It is good to carry an couple of emergency Mars bars/ nuts. I also carry a Locozade re-hydration sachet (go to boots, about a quid).
    Multitool- better than just a knife. No need to splash out on the latest, Go for the basic Leatherman/ Gerber.
    Paracord- dont carry great lengths of it. Buy a pack and go halves with a mate. Green string from a garden centre is best.
    First aid- think blisters, headachs, small cuts.

    You can spend a fortune on bits of kit, there is always a cheaper alternative that you wont shy away from using/ lending/ loosing.
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I used to buy/carry loads of the gucci stuff discussed on that thread. It stopped the minute I went somewhere hot and they gave me proper front line scales of ammunition to carry.

    Strangely enough, the spare socks, housewife, para cord, 24 hrs rations etc all went straight out of the window in favour of L109, bandoliers of 5.56mm, belts of link etc. You can make a pair of socks last for weeks - the same cannot be said for ammunition or water.

    Great ideas for cadets and buckshee exercises in the UK, useless as a real packing list.
  8. Fair point but I admit, I have been looking at a new first aid kit for a while:


    But since the only thing ever used from mine is the zinc tape, and the occasional strapping of biffs ankles to make them feel better about themselves, I've really not seen the need to buy anything else.

    If you are looking for a cheap waterproofing bag pick a garden refuse sack from a garden centre. Tough, large and simple.

    If your looking for a slightly more flexible system, Exped storage bags at great value for money. Cheap, durable, light and with a lock off at the neck they are simple to open and close. Put your warm kit in one, spare shirt/trousers in another, third for socks/pants and a fourth for bits and pieces.
    Available in gay and not-so-gay colours.
  9. thanks for advice the stores were out of kfs and balaclava things when i got issued but i was told the kfs are a bit hard to figure out and it was a good idea just to have a "quick spoon" in my pocket. I'll op down boots or smiler at some point then ad make my on first aid kit using that list as a guide (thanks)

    I can only find the sandwich type zip lock bags where could i get some thing bigger? Camping shop?

    Thanks for all the advice really helpful i'll read through that thread, my sgt. said I should get extra webbing as I have a fair old bit to fit in I've not started y phase1b yet..

    I got a cheap multi tool for £5 looks tough has knife saw can opener and pliers few other small things like wire cutters etc but thats about it.
  10. Penny has just dropped... as a recruit you will only e allowed to wear webbing that you have been issued with. If you rock up with Gucci webbing you will be told to take it apart and look like the rest of the recruits.

    As for waterproof bags for your bergen - buy cheap, buy twice so look out for Ortlieb bags, tough as a tough thing. Also ensure you have a watch - I'm always amazed at the number of recruits that dont think to bring one.

    Washkit, towels, spare undies, BRING EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN ISSUED...