Extras anyone?

Potential and I did a two day stint as film extras at the beginning of the week for the next Paul Verhoeven film (Basic Instinct/Total Recall/Starship Troopers), anybody else had the pleasure of mucking around on a film set?
Did a bit on a very old one off show called SeeSaw about a kidnap. It was filmed in Bagley's, King's Cross (where the Church used to take place). Found out why everyone dances like spastics in dance scenes - if there's any dialogue at all, there's no music. The music track is added afterward, so everyone has their own beat.

Tried out for Band of Brothers, but they offered me a weird contract (we'll use you when we want, but you have to be available whenever we want, so I didn't go). Apparently everyone else who did go, got to run around Hatfield House, blatting off rounds like a lunatic for £500 knicker a week (obviously this in between all the playing cards and sleeping).

My TA Plt Sgt made a living out of it for a while (with these chaps - www.castingcollective.co.uk). He did, IIRC, BoB, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator and Soldier, Soldier (not in that order).
Didn't do any action stuff, the shoot was of a fancy ball in 1940 occupied Holland, Swastikas all over the shop, more Nazi uniforms than you could shake a stick at, I had the task of being an SS waiter :roll: (we were encouraged to eat/drink/smoke), music was live so the waltzing couples could...well, waltz.

Did end up playing a Canadian soldier also (set in same place but 1945), found out I knew more about the weapons provided by the armourers than the armourers did!

Armourer: You need a rifle, got any ID you can leave with us while carry the gun?

Croque: No, I didn't bring anything valuable, it'd get chavved.

Armourer: Oh...we shouldn't really issue you one then, never mind, have this one (No4 Mk1*), its broken (jiggles bolt which does feck all).

Croque: Cheers, will bring it back safe and sound (walks off, takes safety off, works action perfectly).

Stupid cnuts!
I started out as an extra, on ''Breed of Hero's'' but soon moved on to armoury work ( i didn't work on the same one as croque) itr used to pay quite well but not since loads of small companies started to get on the band wagon and under cut everyone else.

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