Extradite Julian Assange to Sweden!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King-walt, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Well its been done, a formal facebook group:

    Now all it needs is support and some likes!

    Is it right to extradite Julian Assange, well he faces serious sexual allegations in Sweden, who cares if hes some big time hacker, we would demand that our fellow Euro state do the same thing for a potential criminal (whether proven or not), its about facing a judge and jury and thats not to say that Sweden is not a fair state, it is a fellow democracy!

    So whats he hiding from? Fearing extradition to the US after Sweden's done with him, not our problem really!

    If he's got the balls to appear on the Ecuadorian embassy balcony and make a 10min+ public appearance and make a cocky speech than he has the gall to face up to what he has allegedly done.

    Some may say its a witchhunt, some would say its not about doing whats right, its about doing what has to be done,

    Extradite Julian Assange to Sweden | Facebook
  2. I agree completely - I can't join yet though as facebook is banned at work :( But you get my 'like' as soon as I get in..
  3. It certainly needs the support, strength in numbers
  4. I can't see why he was not sent home to Oz as an undesirable alien at the first chance. Let the Aussies deal with the twat.
  5. Ok heres the deal, support the group for him to deported/extradited either way! ;-)
  6. Can't we just extradite him to Belgium, the flight will be cheaper and since the Belgians are all untrustworthy cunting sex pests he'd fit right in?
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  7. They are?

    I know where I'm going on holiday next. Good chips and beer too.
  8. Fuck that. We don't want him back. If he was here its a fair bet ASIO would be having a "chat" with him.
  9. Hes certainly in high demand these days
  10. Oh good, a Facebook campaign.

    That'll shift international diplomatic efforts along nicely....
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  11. He's hiding form the US! The charges in Sweden are bollox and have already been dismissed once. He knows that once he reaches the US he is fucked and is shitting it! Hague is making a pigs ear of it as usual but there are far more people in the UK deserving extradition than this idiot.
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  12. Its about showing our support :)
  13. I'll support him while someone ties the knot around his neck.
  14. You can send him anywhere you want. Just don't send him to The Hague for the ICC. We don't want him.
    As said above, try the Belgians, they're a bunch of awkward pedophile sexual deviants with dubious personalities, he'll fit right in.