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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by RTFQ, Jan 13, 2005.

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  1. RTFQ


    I'm reaching a decision point. I've waited long enough now to see if this country is going to become somewhere I'd wish to raise children and it ain't happening. I have proved during my career that I'm willing to live in any sh1thole as long as it's dry, but I want my son to get a decent education in life, not the governement's/Fox News/Times version of it. I can get out in under a year, it will take me, say, 3 years to select, vet, break, retrain, assess, marry and start procreating with a nice young lady. That takes me to 30/31, a good age to do so I reckon.

    So where should I do it? There's loads of colonials on this site, where do you recommend?

    (Not the US, it's nothing personal, you're lovely people and I would work beside you anytime. You're just all a little bit fcuked up, I think it's the combination of guns, religion, widespread global ignorance and baseball that puts me off.)
  2. New Zealand, been looking and it looks good. Possibly Canada too :?
  3. Canada has to be high on the list (and any investments here will be worth twice their UK value over there). NZ is just rather a long way from anything important (like parents - the juniors' grandparents) that/who have been left behind here.

    [I once suggested the Falklands as a get away from it option, but that was before we bred and Mrs Fas wasn't having any of it anyway]
  4. My list runs:-

    New Zealand

    I don't mind the septics me.
  5. Fcuk you, we don't want a coward like you. Why don't you grow a backbone and work to make your country better instead of running away? As spineless as you are, maybe France would be good for you?:D (It's a joke mate, honest.)

    If I was to live outside of the US, Mexico would be top of my list. Beautiful country and you can live like a king on very little.
  6. South Africa 8)
  7. Italy:
    At least you know the goverment know that you know that they are a joke
  8. Belize for me. Cheap as chips, beautiful, the Cayes etc etc
  9. Thailand, to start a building company.

    Some might think the above statement is sick. It might just be, if I wasnt serious about it.

  10. Bermuda , Canada or one of the Windward Islands for me . Possibly Kitts , Nevis or Antigua. Barbados is pretty good too. Actually, Jamaica would be my first choice, if it wasn't so royally fcuked, and so firmly entrenched in the Spam sphere of influence.

    Failing that , somewhere hot with a distinctive Colonial influence.
  11. Well buddy looked at a few myself!

    Canada looks good but of course you have to have the right qualifications to get in, clean bill of health and possibly a company to sponser you in on the job front also xxx amount in the bank can't remember how much.

    South Africa is OK as long as you stick to the Cape!!!! But again you will require as above.

    Cyprus!!! Not bad with good schools for ex-pats and a garrison so you could still keep in contact with military life or brits at least.

    Corfu looks good land is at reasonable prices but then depends on what you are going to do work wise. Corfu also has the euro so easy for other european travel.

    Spain if your going to retire.

    Don't even think about France!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  12. RTFQ


    I knew one of you slack-jawed, banjo-toting line dancers would bite :wink:

    Interestingly, my old man did a bit of research on the old RTFQ family tree and found out my great great grandad married a cheese eating surrender monkey :oops: - moral of the story, don't dig too deep, you may not like the answer.
  13. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    New Zealand is a nice country but not much money to be made there. Australia is a better choice, IMHO. Weather is better too. Aussies are not too annoying after a while ;) Lifestyle where I live is fantastic. Only crap thing is real estate/property prices are fecking astronomical.
  14. I heard that if you shave and bathe the froggy cnuts they are a good shag. Never tried it myself since it goes aganst my principle of not contaminating the local water supply. Besides I would rather use them for target pratice and let them rot in the street and be picked clean by rats...the filthy cnuts that they are, but otherwise really nice people. :D
  15. Canada? Why on earth?

    Better to stay where you are and fix things. Honestly