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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by IDONTNEEDAHAIRCUT, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. I knew tech's used to get promotion on completion of trade training but I think this is taking it a bit far :D

    Lt Col Daniel Scott, 19, is a typical apprenticeship candidate. A communications engineer with the Royal Signals regiment, he is on a 30-month advanced apprenticeship in IT in Salisbury. "The Signals are the Army's IT experts so in my training I'm learning how to carry out checks on communications kit and technology and solve problems as they arise.

    "I joined the Army after my GCSEs as I wanted to start working right away, but I decided an Army apprenticeship was a good way to get a qualification while getting paid. The qualifications and skills I've gained are recognised on civvy street so I'm pretty confident about getting a job when I do decide to leave."
  2. Lt Col at 19!!!!! don't they mean L/Cpl........
  3. Royal Signals Regiment !!
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The responsibilities were about the same IIRC.....
  5. 30 month course!?!?! With Civvi quals?!?!?! 8O
  6. It was this bit that I really liked
    The Signals are the Army's IT experts
  7. Well, they could hardly put 'army Headquater's dogs body and caravan dwellers' now could they :twisted:
  8. Downsizing, y'know. Making a streamlined, more deployable force so that when deploying troops round the world is outsourced to P&O, they can all fit on the same ferry...
  9. I think it is like NVQ. They work towards it, whilst they work, over 30 months.
  10. The Royal Signals Regiment are the Army's leaders in tent erection, making brews for staff officers who regard you as something slightly lower than a ginger Taleban peadophile because Daddy doesn't own half of Gloucestershire and pointless dick jobs to make sure that morale remains tip top.
  11. Large rubber pipes from blow heaters....you was lucky :)
  12. Rubber pipes!!...luxury. We had cast iron ones!!!
  13. Half-col at 19? Only if you're a royal in some other, non-UK, countries, i fear!
  14. I beg to differ on this point. The RAMC as a corp has a long and fine tradition of tent erection....However, I do admire the Signals for their ability to take bullshit to new heights whilst being unable to get comms over distances exceeding 50m