extract from telegraph hits nail on head

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by big_mac4824, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. not very PC but not too far from the truth

    "More nebulous, but more profound, is the sense that Britain might be becoming a "post-military society". Instead of our wonderful old bloody-mindedness, the Americans fear, is what they see as the fecklessness they are used to from continental Europeans. They are astonished that our aid effort in Afghanistan (and everywhere) is forbidden by law from advancing British interests. They are incredulous that the civil courts now pronounce on how to fight wars. They note the BBC's hostility to British engagement, so that unambiguous support for our troops does not dominate the public space. They suspect that fear of our Muslim population, which is larger and more militant than theirs, saps our will."
    it is IMO this attitude from goverment and all the other major parties, that leave the door open for extremist parties like the bnp, if this is not adressed we will see more morons voting for extremist parties :evil:
  2. Source me. I don't give a toss what the Spams think but I would like to read the article.

    Wiki I know but:

    United Kingdom - 1,640,958 - 2,000,000 muslim pax
    United States - 2,350,000 muslim pax

    Calls the Torygraph a liar.
  3. UK 60 Million.
    US 300 Million.
  4. They might mean in percentage terms.
  5. OK - Under those circumstances, they might mean taller or fatter. It is still the Torygraph probably recycling more crud to frighten the Clarkson set.
  6. The "Clarkson set" as you so eloquently call it, tends to read the Sun and the Mirror, IMHO.

  7. dont think the article was intended to scare monger, just gives an objective opinion, the problem is, out of the 3 parties they are all similar, and thanks to labours pc tirade it has seriously affected the way politicians operate
  8. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'the Clarkson set'?

    would you care to elaborate?
  9. And ARRSE if all the Jezza is God threads on here are to be believed. BTW he write for Murdoch at the Times; an equally poor rag.

    Litotes - Can you give a working link to the 'story'?
  10. I'd rather he didn't bother to be honest. Its not exactly a mystery what he's going to say is it?
  11. It also has something to do with assimilation; numbers are not the only part of the story.
  12. Indeed. I've always admired America due to the fact that almost everyone who goes there to live wants to become an American, subscribe to their core ideals and earn their citizanship. Here however.........
  13. I was objecting to the poster linking the "Clarkson set" and the Telegraph because I did not think the link was accurate.

    There is a link above but I did not follow it.

  14. Hardly scare-mongering, more likely some people in this countries lack of acceptance of the truth, Personally I think that people who think such things are scare-mongoring (poss mong spelling) either live in a rural village or with a blanket over their heads, last to accept the truth but first to condemn.

    Septics have got their own dramas but it cant be hard to step back and see our country for what it is and is becoming? Unfortunatly I doubt our 'special relationship' has ever been weaker thanks to Gord and chums (really the general running of the country for the last few years)