Extract from Daily Telegraph (Sydney) A Man For Our Times.

September 05, 2008 12:00am

A WIFE who claimed her husband tricked her into engaging in sex acts for phantom hidden cameras has lost a claim for crimes compensation.

The woman, known only as RBA, said the acts amounted to rape because her husband told her they were directed by "heavies" who had threatened their children.

She said she believed there were several cameras around their home and that her husband would receive mobile phone calls instructing them to have sex while they watched.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ruled that it could not be satisfied RBA did not consent to the sex acts.

Deputy President Anne Coghlan said the woman's husband, known as BD, had spun a number of stories about himself and others right from the start of their relationship.

"It is evident that her whole relationship with BD, starting when they were both taking amphetamines, had an air of fantasy about it, including some at least of the sexual activity," she said.

"Her response now is that such sexual activity was not consensual. That is in hindsight."

In a police statement, RBA said her husband would receive a call on his mobile phone and say they had to act out sex "scenarios" for the cameras.

RBA said the heavies, spying on them through the cameras, also told her to clean the house.

"I find it coincidental that the things I said to him I didn't want to do, were things that I was made to do," RBA said.

"I wouldn"t have done them on my own free will. I did them out of fear for mine and my kids' safety.

"At the time, when I believed people were after us, I also feared for BD's safety too."

RBA said she could never work out how BD made the phone ring when it was in his pocket.

Ms Coghlan said RBA did not qualify for crimes compensation because she was not, on balance, a victim of an act of violence.

The deputy president confirmed an earlier ruling by the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal to refuse RBA's application for compensation.

Don't tell me anyone here wouldn't have done the same if he had thought of it. :D
She doesn't sound like the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer, does she? :)

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