Extra work?

Hi guys, I'm ex-reg now TA, attested last week my first drill night will be in the new year. I'm currently a full time student, and now starting the TA. I was just wondering how common extra days or extra hours are in the TA, availability wise. Since i only do 3 days a week in lectures it leaves me 2 weekdays twiddling my thumbs. When i was down the TA centre last week the lance jack was telling me about some contract he has where he does a full day every Monday on top of the drill nights and weekend camps/exercises.

Now i didn't want to pry to much on what was only my second visit to the unit, but i was just wondering if this was a common thing and available to various ranks, or would it just be NCO's and up, i could happily spend 1 full weekday every week in green kit and not have it effect my studies and the money would be pretty useful too. Thought it best to get settled in, get my kit and show my face for a few weeks/months consecutively before i inquired about at the centre.

I know sounds mad, lads asking for extra work?! What can i say I'm disgusting and love wearing green kit :p
It depends on your unit. Mine usually has a couple of bods in during the week for driving duties and store work. You might have to be in the unit for a bit of time to get your face known but then it wouldn't hurt to enquire. Your best bet would be your PSAO or QPSI.

Just a word of warning, it is all too easy to start sidelining your studies for extra pay here and there. I have (and to an extent still do) spent far too much time with the TA rather than focusing on my degree.
Get yourself known and If you're a good sort, I'm sure they can always use a spare pair of hands, in our unit there's usually some stores/admin that bods can do ( any rank ). May be bit boring work but the extra dosh is always handy. I've done plenty in my spare time.

Get in the competitions as there's always stuff to sort out. Our PSI's are great and welcome the extra help.
A few of our bods work extra days at our TAC, there's surprisingly a lot to do, there's always a demand for drivers

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