Extra UK troops for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Extra UK troops 'for Afghanistan'

    The incoming US president plans to send 8,000 more troops to Afghanistan
    Up to 2,000 extra British troops are likely to be sent to Afghanistan next year, the BBC has learned.
    Ministers are considering sending reinforcements to Afghanistan to meet an expected request from Barack Obama, when he becomes US president next year.
    In talks, Afghan leaders told Gordon Brown more troops were needed as it emerged two Royal Marines were killed on Tuesday in the south of the country.
    The Ministry of Defence said it had not received a request for extra troops.
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  2. Christ, I may as well think about buying a house in helmand - I'm going to be spending enough time there!
  3. 2000 soldiers on the ground = 6000 tied up deployed, training and recuperating! Plus the training overhead!

    Then there is the additional equipment.

    Where is all of that?

    I trust the Government is about to open its wallet?

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha

    Ahem, at risk of sounding cynical. :evil:
  5. We don't want to fight, but by Jingo if we do - we don't have the men, we don't have the ships, we don't have the money too! :roll:

    I wonder what the weather's like on Planet Politician? :evil:
  6. My my does Brown think that by sticking his nose up the Arrse of the incoming President he will gain some Brownie Points, if so then HE should have the decency to get his sweet Arrse down to Brize and welcome home some of The Fallen.
    And if he can find him, take that Bilge Rat Blur with him.
  7. I signed up for Queen and Country, when did they change the oath to "For Queen, Country & the POTUS" ?
  8. Really.
  9. Surely with the reduction in troops deployed to Iraq, the overall effect as far as tour frequency is concerned will be pretty negligible? Also, if extra troops are needed in order to take things forward in Helmand then surely they should be sent? Quite frankly, we are honoured with rememberance festivals etc because we are willing to make sacrifices (as British Forces have always done), not so that we can moan every time the situation on the ground means that we have to spend a bit more time away from home.
  10. Sometime around 2002, I think. You know, just before we went off to liberate those poor Iraqis, capture all the nasty WMDs and make a mahoosive profit for KBR etc.

    But I never saw the memo...
  11. oh well at least with a recession looming, the army are bound to swell their ranks! and maybe then I will be able to take my quota of leave this year!!!!

    but then again I suppose we will make do, great time to be in the mob!
  12. Where are the extra bods coming from? Maybe the MOD are going to raise extra Inf battalions by doing something wild and crazy. Absorbing the Raf Regt into the army as additional Battalions.... :roll: