Extra Troops To Afghanistan Official Statement

Oh deepest of joys. Just as our troops are looking forward to returning from Iraq they can go on another all expenses paid trip to another place. Will they have all the equipment they require or will it provided once the Govt have haggled with Draysons companies and be kept in the "pipeline"?


The announcement made on the same day The Rifles are formed. 1 Rifles are going to come under 3 Commando Brigade. The brigade just happens to be in 'Stan at the moment.......................2 + 2 = ?

Whoever it is, all the best.
PassingBells said:
chrisg46 said:
Sounds like another inf battle group. Any news on who it will be?
From a leak last week, but yet to be confirmed:

Liam Fox, the Conservative defence spokesman, said the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards and the 1st Battalion The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment were preparing to deploy to Afghanistan.
I must admit I had heard the Woofers rumour, probably from the same source as PB and others
Some units have been increasing their numbers and sending formed sub-units out there "on the quiet" for the past month or so. The soldiers still do a 6 month tour but overlap with the planned roulement. It allows them to maintain some knowledge and experience out on the ground.

As well as combat power I expect there may be a marked increase in the amount of soldiers conducting training and mentoring tasks for the ANA.

The extra troops required may be in response to Cmd 12 Mech Bdes request which was covered in the MEDIA and on a thread on ARRSE in November.

Edited to add media link.
1 Royal Anglian and the Guards are definatly going, the Vikings have had it plastered all over their website for months.
The Woofers are a late addition.

My old section commander is now the RSM of 1 Royal Anglian and i wish the lads well. I know they they wil put in a good performance.



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Written ministerial statement to House of Commons here.

all sorts, inc RAF Regt and elements of the professional tankies.

As with previous deployments to Afghanistan, there will be a requirement to deploy reservists to serve in theatre. Current plans indicate that around 600 Call Out Notices are to be served on individual reservists in order to fill approximately 420 posts (including nine Sponsored Reserve).
Godspeed boys and girls and safe home.

Don Cabra
Good Luck all of you esp all the guys i know in R Anglian

I found out they were to be deployed in July last year (or heard it roumered) so why have they only just announced it?
Follow this link for a run down of deploying units. It says 2RTR or elements of, are deploying. Does this mean we are sending out the big boys toys or will they be in the dismounted role? I’m sure the Chally will give valuable support to troops on the ground.

Well, we're (3PARA) going back out with 2PARA and a couple more BG's in spring 2008. If the logistics were a strain on resources and a nightmare with one BG on Herrick 4, imagine what it will be like with four BG's!
So the Vikings are going to get a chance to play with the Vikings!

I remember a discussion on another thread about whether the RM Viking vehicles would remain in Afganistan or be brought back.

2 RTR troops? Sound like a tp or a sqn of Scimitars in the 'new' light armoured role methinks - although why the KRH (12 Bde) aren't doing it leaves me baffled (could be busy elswhere???).

Edited to add following from MoD website:
In addition, FALCON may deploy to Afghanistan in the MA role towards the end of next year.
Looks like they've been called forward; not going with the Paras on Herrick VII but 12 Mech on VI
merkator said:
2 RTR troops? Sound like a tp or a sqn of Scimitars in the 'new' light armoured role methinks - although why the KRH (12 Bde) aren't doing it leaves me baffled (could be busy elswhere???).
I did wounder that, but the LD are deploying. Have 2RTR got a Sqn of CVRT? News to me.

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