"Extra troops set for Afghanistan"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tax_Tw-t, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. thats not even an actual increase, thats just replacements 8O

    truly are on another world.
  2. Maths not there strong point is it... there scum truely scum. And now Parliament is on its hols there is fcuk all chance of a increase of 2000.

    I do hope those responsible Members of Parliament sleep well knowing that they and they alone are going to be the root cause of extra casualties that could perhaps be avoided by boots when asked for supplied Kit when asked for supplied.
  3. Look on the bright side, come the election a lot of labour MPs are going to be replaced.

    Brown, you are a one eyed lying cnut! (Am I still allowed to say that?)
  4. Of course you are - if it's good enough for Jeremy Clarkson, it's good enough for you.
  5. There are NO EXTRA troops going to Afghanistan.

    The 125 men and women are battle casualty replacements (BCRs).

    Can this so-called government sink any lower?

    A communist, trade union activist, Secretary of State for Defence, ranked 23rd in IMPORTANCE in the Cabinet says it all.

    I flayed dear old Mr. John Major' and his adminsitration, for their arrogance, sleaze and their disconnection with the real world (Gummer? Still an MP!)

    If Mr. Cameron follows a similar line, then some on here will read a different line from me.
  6. Its a start i hope our government are also going to send some extra helicopters ,surveillance, engineering and anti-mine capabilities to reduce the danger from electronic devices, with our troops set for Afghanistan .
  7. Is it, I rather thought battle field replacements were what it says on the tin replacements NOT extra!
  8. Sorry didnt read the other posts , thought it was too good to be true that the government would send extra Helicopters,surveillance, engineering and anti-mine capabilities to reduce the danger from electronic devices and extra troops looks like our government don't want to give our armed forces in Afghanistan no help at all .
  9. In the Telegraph today, John Major says that for every KIA there are another 4 who are injured.

    So, even if these 125 are replacements for those KIA (and that's short of the number anyway) the overall effect is fewer troops as the severely wounded are not being replaced.
  10. Typical.