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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by badbreed1, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I would really like to join my local TA regiment but I could only do it if I could earn enough to quit my current part time job. I am a full time students but would like to train every weekend and maybe one week night per week.

    Do you know if this is possible within the TA's or is it just one week night and one wekend per month and that's it?

    Any responses are appreciated.
  2. Wah.
    Not even a very good one.
    Next Q: "What is a wah?"
  3. How did you know I would ask?!
    But really what is a wah?
  4. In the unlikely event that this isn't a wah, most TA units train every tuesday and an average of 1 weekend a month. When you first join, you will train more, as recruit training is typically 2 weekends a month (check with BB)

    However, be warned that you may not get pay for ages, so if you really can't afford to get by on about £50 a month at the moment, build a cash stockpile first.

    Once you finish training, (and you've done your 2 week course, which will top funds up nicely for a bit), there may be opportunities to do admin or stores in the TAC on week days.

    But there are absolutely fcuk all chance of you being able to organise extra weekends or anything like that! There may be the odd occasion you may be able to train with another unit (within your own Regiment / Battalion) if you need to get a particular MATT test nailed or perhaps a vehicle conversion done, but there's not much scope beyond that.
  5. Have you thought about joining the OTC (Officer Training Corps) and trying to become a TASO (TA Sponsored Officer) with your local TA regiment?

    OTC training during term-time is usually one training night a week and two weekends a month in addition to your camps.
  6. great plan, Batman.

    Except of course, for the fact that the OTC don't pay you.

    And I'm not sure on the TA rules of paying OTCs. One of my friends is doing TASO and he only gets paid when he's with his TA unit, not his OTC unit - so he does more work than the TA guys and gets paid the same.
  7. I'm not sure how many detachments do this but when I was in the RMR we had two training nights every week. Took the piss to start getting paid though.
  8. You are correct in saying that OCdts cap badged by an OTC currently do not get paid, this is why I had pointed bb1 towards the TASO scheme.

    The TASOs that I know (and there are quite a few of them) all get paid for the training they do with the OTC. They also get paid for any training they do with their parent unit but, an OTC training weekend takes precedence over their parent units training weekend. This is the case as long as they do not exceed their MTD limit.
  9. You will be looking at 1 night a week for which you will spend about 50% more than your pay travelling. Then if you are lucky 1 weekend a month. Recruit training is 2 weekends a month for 12 weeks dependant on national holidays or other outside factors.

    Time to begining your recruit training from walking in the door expect around 6 months, time from signing on the pay sheet to getting your cheque around 18 months. As for being able to afford to quit your day job i'm sure there are regular soldiers on here that can;t afford to do that. Like the man's signature says "a volunteer is worth 10 pressed men" or should that be a volunteer will wait for ages before he gets annoyed enough that you have to pay him.
    perhaps the adverts on the busses would be better saying "Outdoor adventure holidays only £299 for 6 months half board somewhere sandy, activities include teaching Terry to behave with sharpened sticks (Bring your own) All people to provide their own DPM shorts (cheap from tesco) and flip flops"

    Hands up if you can spot the man waiting for his shiney new boots and pay.

    The TA isn't really to be seen as a part time job more a way to stomp about telling girls you are in the army whilst still being a bit fat and as a good excuse for shouting at the news. I love it.
  10. Yep. You might break even in the unlikely event that your HTD allowance is something roughly similar to what you claim for.
    Would disagree on the latter. In my experience (of late), I'd say much closer to 3.
    If you're lucky, and do all the things that might get you paid. Sitting around waiting is not advisable. The Army Pay Office are quite friendly if you speak to them direct (providing you have a regi number), and often your Bn / Regt 'Welfare Officer' can do a lot towards giving the AGC some hassle.

    Won't disagree there. Some Regular SNCOs say 'I like TA soldiers because they want to be there, they want to do it, it makes them better soldiers'. The AGC say 'I like TA soldiers because they want to be there, they want to do it, and thus we can forget about paying them for 2 years and when we eventually get round to it, they'll still smile every time they put their uniform on!'

    "Further benefits include the ability to give 2 fingers to your employer and say HAH! IM GOING AWAY FOR 9 MONTHS AND ITS ILLEGAL TO SACK ME then return to find some bint doing your job, and you being demoted to making tea until you resign; and being told you'll get 'all the benefits' of a real soldier, and not find out that there are no benefits until it's too late."

    Nah. It'll be

    "Hands up if you can spot the student eating nothing but baked beans because he spent all his student loan on ally boots, gucci gonk bag, webbing with the pouches sewn together, SASS smock and Arktis bergen... and didn't think to get paid first"
    I suppose in that case, he's probably better off joining the OTC, really.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Do you mean to say the days of part time soldiering full time banging on about it are finished ?

    Oh woe is me :D