Extra Rations for 6ft5 plus???????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ptisarepondlife, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know if its true that if you are above a certain height, you are entitled to extra rations? Both in barrack and outside the wire. If it is. Where is it written in black and white?
  2. It's not written down anywhere because it is not true.

    Have you ever seen a 24hr ration pack stating "Ration 24hr ORP 1.5 Man"?

    You utter tool.
  3. You can go on short rations,but I dont know what the height limit is
  4. Extra rations?

    Join the boxing team. Worked for me
  5. greedy fatherless!
  6. Does that mean I should get less rations becuase I am below 5' 5 - thought not, you facking knobber!
  7. Of course not. You should however be lampooned about your stature at every opportunity. Cries of 'Minime' and 'Fcuking freak' should be hurled at you daily along with the songs ' We are the lollipop kids, lollipop kids, the lollipop kids and we welcome you to Munchkin land'
  8. Many, many moons ago my uncle claimed that lack of food was making him weak and ill and got a chit that allowed him big helpings. Severely pis*sed off NCOs would stand over him hoping to catch him "wasting food". Used to polish the plate with bread.

    A giant in the OTC and me made a similar complaint - and we were falling to bits being served 2000 calories a day by alky cooks who couldn't believe that anyone wanted non-liquid calories - and the adj said we could have unlimited starch - chips, spuds, bread, subject to no waste. Don't know if there is any non-discretionary basis for it, though.
  9. PAYD

    Pay more f*cking money eat more f*cking food, simple really :roll:
  10. We had a kid in basic trg that looked like Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. He got put on extra rations on account of being unable to do even one heave. It didn't help. Creature.

  11. Yeh - thinking back, boxer's rations didn't work. Bstard PTIs on bikes ran us ragged and we were still starving.
  12. We had less scoff on the boxing team, if you were caught eating and weren't on weight then it was off too the jail so you couldnt eat.
  13. I am gong to get my umpah lumpah friends to haunt you for saying that. And when your asleep were all going to surgically make you the same size as us.
    Nothing like real small man syndrome! :twisted:
  14. There was a PTI in Edinburgh many moons ago who claimed he should get extra rations because he was also doing phys.

    And his name was Dick.