Extra Points on a Promotion Board

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CH512O, Dec 13, 2007.

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  1. Right, its a Mess do....early hours of the morning and the usual trade/promotion banter is taking place.
    One of the comments brought up was "you get extra points, straight away, on the promotion board if you are Cdo/Para trained. You also get extra points for being in an Instructor post"
    It was said you get 1 point for Cdo/Para and 1/2 point for a Instructor post?

    So if anyone who has sat on a Board can confirm this, or not.
  2. Its bollox
  3. I have sat on a board at Glasgow (admittedly not RLC but the processes are the same across the cap badges). I can confirm that the idea of getting extra points for the reasons you stated is total horseshit......!!!
  4. That is rubbish mate, I sat in on a board and it wasn't even raised, for RLC anyway.
  5. I can confirm that I sat on a promotion board or two at glasgow and if you were para trained you definitly got extra points off me regardless of what some harry had written about you.

    But seriously it is accepted that those who have passed P Coy or Cdo cse are highly motivated and have certain qualities which will naturally make them stand out regardless of badges. The same could also be true of instructors whose confidence and subject expertise gives them a little something over others.
  6. I have the actual "Lifting the Veil on Grading" document :D
    pm your email address if you want me to send it to you :D :) :D
  7. Cheers for replies. I was the sober Duty Bod on the night so listened in on the animated conversation, which was littered with "bollox" ,"ill bet you £** its true".
    So Mr Presiding Memeber.....dig deep! :wink:
  8. check email :D
  9. Having sat on a RLC Board it would depend on who is on the board as Paragorge says. point system is a fair marker but subject to individual interpretation.

    If you completed cse within year and mentioned in CR prob would rate higher due to commitment shown if not then to be honest wouldn't necessarily notice spec qual. (I do not have level shoulders though!)
  10. Understood, as our trade is so small and the conversation last night went along the lines of "if there are only 2 vacancies at a certain rank and board next month, its unfair that you get 1.5 points, at the start, just because you are a para/cdo trained Instructor".
    But you can see where paragorge comes from, 2 blokes...1 done para/cdo course that year...other, done his job but when it comes to the quality line and points are needed then i to, would give it to the cdo/para bloke.
  11. CH,

    See where you are coming from however when boarding for a week you do not know how many spaces there are until the Friday. If points were equal it would come down to time served not courses completed. I was suprised to be involved in names to spaces as well as grading, very open system hard to beat when potentials are spread worldwide.

    Strongly encourage anyone who can either sit on board or go as observer to make the trip to bonnie Scotland. Knowledge is power and all that, it will dispel some rumours.

    Just don't stay in "The Corus," unless of course you want to pay for your room by the hour and like red lights!!
  12. Exact same thing was mentioned last night! But ill tell you after the next promotion board, if i agree with that! :roll:
  13. its definately true...also if you get a SUF, it's points off....so careful
  14. Well as im dual traded, i should have a double shot at the promotion board........Master Driver here i come!!! :wink: :wink:

    Those who know will know what im on about!
  15. As someone has stated previously, soldiers who have worked with Cdo and Para units tend to be more highly motivated and perform better throughout their career. COs will identify this ambition, motivation and generally improved soldierly skills and MAY well write their annual reports more favourably. However, there is no direct link between Cdo/Para training and additional points on the board. There are also some poor 'badged' soldiers out there.

    The 2nd point has some merit. Boards are advised to consider carefully reports from ARTD units. They are NOT instructed to add a 1/2 or 1 point but to note that a soldier serving at ARTD is taking a career risk often in a joint environment and against stiff competition. Individual board members will make different assessments of ARTD reports, but the Army and RLC are very keen to ensure that ARTD employment is not career negative. With effect from the RSM board in 2017, soldiers will only be considered for RSM appts if they have served at ARTD.