Extra pay on tour

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mission, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone one know if were gonna be able to get this backdated say to middle of 03 ish lol. Seriously though its about time but lets see how much of the cash the lads are actually gonna see
  2. 1 April 2006 from what I've heard.
  3. April 1st 2006, only tours exceeding six months (presumably 180 days) will qualify. Pity, could have done with them backdating it to 03. Not sure how the RAF will fit into this as most of them only do four months.
  4. Thats not correct. The payment is proportional to the amount of time you spend in Theatre. £2240 is for a 6 month deployment, you a proportion depending upon how long you are there fore. So for instance if you are there 3 months you would get half this.
  5. As a daily rate, it works out around £12.40 per day. Which while nice, means i've got to work out how to put another column into the Autochuff 2006 so it works it out for me.

    It seems far easier all round to pay it as a daily rate, started on the day you deploy and stopped when you mccp out of Th. Wouldnt be like the system to make it easy though would it!!
  6. I don't trust politicians one single bit. With one hand they giveth, with the other they taketh away. There's bound to be a catch.
  7. You are correct on that there is no six month to qualify rule, I was mis-reading it. I suppose the irony of this is that its a bonus intended to offset the amount we get taxed on tour, which we will also pay tax on! It would make sense to inroduce it as a daily rate. The only other way I could see them doing it is to make it something you had to claim back through JPA at the end of your tour, now that would be a nightmare.
  8. Well fella's, owt's better than nowt - never got anything on all the operational tours I did when I was in!
    Could do with it being back dated to 1986 - my first op tour!!!

  9. Op tours are a lot harder now than they were in 86. Not to say they were easy then, but they are certainly harder now.

    I am led to believe the payment will be made for each complete month, rather than a daily amount. Still to be confirmed though.
  10. I was being ironic matey - I certainly appreciate that what the lads (and lasses) are going through now is pretty damned hellish

  11. It's bit of stupid thing that the op tour now a days are are harder than they were in 86! How do you know? Generally be in the signals is easy, if you know what your doing and thereare not many guys that would find this op tour too hard. Sure, if you a para and you are down the south then yeah its gonna be hard.............
  12. How do people know. Because there are people in now who are still around from 86. I personally didn't join too long after 86. So I think if those people say this its not so "stupid" as you put it.

    Likewise I will ask how do you know that an op tour for the signals is easy. You've only been in long enough for tea and cakes.

    Try telling the many Royal Signals soldiers who have lost their life in the past six months out in Afghanistan that their op tour was easy. Try telling their friends who then had to carry on knowing their mate was shot the day before that their tour is easy. EASY???

    I am not saying its as hard as what the paras do, but it is also not "easy". The Corps has people in dangerous places all the time who at times will fear for their life. Please remembe that next time you think an op tour is easy and start spouting it off.
  13. Calm down, calm down and back on track.

    Sixth Sense, The British Forces' Newspaper (sic), states that 'The £60m scheme would ensure that everyone on operations for six months or more would be better off'. However the article then gets a bit woolly and it's unclear whether or not you have to do six months to qualify.

    Personally, I'm with PoisonDwarf waiting to see garage rent for those on Ops to increase to £100 a week (whether you have a garage or not).
  14. My apologies. Maybe I did get a bit hot headed there.

    I just don't like people saying that ANY tour is easy, no matter what cap badge. Especially someone who has just joined.

    Now a posting to Germany, that is easy. (And expensive) LOL.
  15. Soz, I did not mean to offend. I have been in the army for four years now and I am on my second op tour. The reason for my other posting is that at the moment I am not in a position ask anyone on posting decisions in the IS world. For me personally me and all the guys I know have found this tour easy, but iraq was harder (filling in sand bags and doing stag). But then I it all to do with who your on tour with and where.......