Extra leave carried over?

has anyone heard anything about there being a re evaluation of the amount of leave that can be carried over?

i remember seeing it somewhere (possibly arrse) but i cant find anything on it.

if it has already been done, could someone be kind enough to post a link so i can geek myself to death over it.

danke danke!!

shoes!!! :D
Up to 15 days ALA automatically carry over under JPA.
yes i know that... i heard that they were increasing that amount.
No, they are increasing the amount of Leave that you get at the start of the leave year to take into account public holidays, thus, you will get, at the start of 2009/2010 38 days, 28 are as of right, 10 are priv.

Carry forward remains at 15 max, anymore needs to be authorised, in writting, by the CO.


Part of Leave Baselining for the end of year process is to agree the final amount to Carry Forward prior to the new system coming in. It's down to local arrangements to administer, there was an HQ Land instruction to all Commanding Officers at the end of last year.
jimmys_best_mate said:
Is it possible for the CofC to reduce the days that can be carried over?

Duty rumour is that ours wants to. I'm fairly sure they can't but a few people are adamant.
Well, it depends on how much pressure your CofC will put on you to drive down the amount of outstanding leave. We'll say no more on that one......
The new system does not really give you extra days, as if you work it out it is as follows:

current amount: 30 days and 8/10 bank holidays.

New system: 38 days.....

with regards to increase of C/F days then the answer is no, as it is the CoC resp to ensure soldiers use thier full entitlement, you can however apply for any extra leave to be taken across just speak to your HRA.

All this comes from a unit who have arms plotted twice in 14 months and fitted in an OP Tour so most guys in the unit have 30+ days leave and its almost Mar :-|

hope this helps.

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