Discussion in 'ACF' started by 570mils, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. I have just read another thread on the site from Cardinal who has been set the onerous task of trying to locate 30 sets of PLCE for a Cadet Det.

    A Tall order and for a worthy cause.

    Nows the time for all of you to dig through the garage and reallocate all that bucksee kit thats lying around and gettting in the long haired Generals way.

    I'm absolutely sure she will be glad to see the back of it.

    If you can help him then great or if distance and/or postage costs may be too great see what you have that can be donated to the local dets near you.

    I'm sure most will agree it is for a worthy cause and may encourage some of the younger members of our society to join up if properly supported at this stage.

    I am currently wading through the sea of green in my garage, and seeing what can be donated as I am now a 'fat' civvy having given up working in green a few years ago.

    Come on lads/lasses lets see what we can do to help.

  2. :) My unit in Huddersfield would gratefully accept any useable kit that anyone has kicking about (for example, I have about 50 cadets on my roll and 10 sets of OG PLCE to share between them).

    I'm not worried about having the latest Gucci kit, just good solid useable stuff. :)
  3. A good way of getting kit is going to a local surplus store and getting their knackered pouches. You then backload the buggered ones for new ones.
  4. Call me an old cynic if you must.....
    I have given stacks of kit to my local ACF units in the last couple of years. I understand that the cadets are at the end of the food chain when kit is being handed out so i've always tried to help whenever I could.
    Sadly it is my experience that the Adult Instructors help themselves to anything that they wanted before passing on the remainder to the cadets.

    I have now stopped helping ACF units, I got fed up with being seen as a source for buckshee kit. It got to the stage where people that I had never met rang and asked me for kit ! At least make an effort to get to know someone before you blag from them !

    I even went so far as to lend my field kit to ACF Instructor who was going on his ITC......it took me three months and several phone calls before I got it back, he even seemed offended that I wanted it back.

    I'm sure there are those who will be grateful (and might even buy you the odd pint to say thanks) but the majority will take and take and take and still ask for more.

    This det commander is typical of that sort....30 sets of webbbing ??? Get real !
  5. Hi,
    I am the guy who 570 was asking on behalf of. I am TA nothing to do with the ACF other than being the parent of an army cadet.

    I asked if they needed anything since I MIGHT be able to help, expecting something easy like "any old kit you no longer need" or perhaps a bit more difficult like "some CS95 shirts would be great" but my sons OC chipped in with "yes 30 sets of PLCE all DPM no Green, or if they must be green no DPM!"

    I said I would try and so far have donated my spare set, found another lying around (my son has this but it counts toward the 30) and 570 has very generously offered his as well.

  6. Not in my army old chap!

    The staff are paid, therefore they can afford to buy what they want/need. I'm looking for things that are of use to my cadets anyway. Whatever I can't use, I offer to my fellow DCs and then sell for Det funds as a last resort. I'm not looking for even one full set unless it's offered, enough bits and pieces can be put together to make up what we need.

    Don't tar us all with the same brush. (I'm good for a couple pints too :) )
  7. im with harry, money form cadets pays for cadets stuff, eg my pay from anyual camp this year got me some decent 2nd hand DPM plce ( my og then went to the detatchment store) a new sleeping bag ( my old one then went into detachment store) and some dpm side pouches as i was using dpm bergan and grewen sidepouches ( the green ones then went into detatchment stores , im spotting a theme here)
    i think it is oput of order that adults who have the ability to pay for kit are nicking any buckshee stuff that turns up at the det. i am unpopular with staff when acting as QM because i always issue cadets (starting with senior or those specificaly needing it then moving onto 1 and 2*) and theh if there is any left adults get issued when going on camps.