Extra kit ITC Catterick

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im due to start basic up at catterick in march 2013 and wanted to have a updated list of extra kit that is usefull for training

and to all you grumpy old men out there that will tell me to read the stickies ;), i have and wanted a straight foward list.

Thanks :)
Some of those "grumpy old men" are your training staff.

You bellend.
You'll need two ironing boards and 25 padlocks (combination ones not key ones) same for the padlocks. Also a solar powered charger and an overdraft facility if you wish to shop in the local Spar.

Be sure to come back and tell us your run times...and if you want to know when you'll be paid this month, or if you can bring your cat on camp - just ask - our panel of experts is standing by.
You will need enough protein shakes to last you all the way through both phases one and two and any further overseas deployment for the next 3 years.
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