'extra' kit for the pre AACC down at chivenor

As the thread title states, apart from a second rollmat, an old frock and a sense of humour what will I be expected/ recommended to buy for the course? As far as boots go I will probably just griz it in issue boots however extra ideas for kit I.E. will I need a Silva MILS compass etc?
If it hasn't changed, you'll have about 6-8 weeks at Chiv before heading to CTCRM, plenty of time to sort stuff out. It's up to your training team tbh; on my AACC, my Cpl's preferences were different to the other section's.
Fair play, Any little hints or bits of advice on kit/revision of skills/fitness you may wish to share possibly?
make sure you take with you some biceps for the rope climbing fun and heaves. Oh and a good set of legs for running, when I did pre AACC in 1995, I did the first arrival BFT in approx 8 mins and came 3rd from last! The PT SSGT laughed at me for my weakness.
Square away your rope skills; however, the one thing I will say for the Chiv Pre-AACC is that you won't get to course without being able to do bottom-field pass-out levels of rope work.

And if you're doing it with the RE, bring a sense of humour and a lot of luck. I think about 1/3 of my course were Med RTU'd for D&V, I was Med RTU'd for a fucked shoulder.
A fetish for pushing a pink wheelbarrow, while wearing pink body armour and helmet too (no idea why they do this but the poor sod doing it is always at the back of the troop).
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