extra kit at basic

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Coburn, Dec 26, 2006.

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  1. I was just curious if you were allowed to have extra kit like bergan liners, snugpak jackets, bivvy poles etc during your phase 1 training in pirbright just so that I know to take it or not so I dont get a bollacking

  2. take your own gun thus saving the army the cost of providing you one
  3. Bergan Liners - Depends on where you are, I was recommended to buy one, but I know of others who were told categorically not to

    Snugpack Jackets - Not a chance

    Bivvy Poles - Never used them before but I would highly doubt it.

    The basic rule is find out when you get there, but the point of basic is to teach you to survive on the basic kit that you get issued before you move on to the make your life easier kit. I.E. Everyones on a level playing field
  4. You really do not want to stand out. Take boot polish and yellow dusters. Take manista hand cleaner to get boot polish off your hands. Take a good razor and plenty of blades. This sort that takes the old fashioned razor blades is easy to keep clean and the blades are available everywhere on the planet. I would think a Bergan liner is OK but leave it bagged up with your civvy kit until you've sussed out what the score is. Don't take any of your own military gear - it's not a kit competition and you'll attract unwanted attention.

    I seem to recall that I took my own steam iron. Maybe someone with more recent experience could recommend whether that would still be a good idea. If so, buy a brand new one. It's easier than getting an old one clean enough to pass inspection. Make sure you get one with a metal and not a coated baseplate otherwise you can't polish it!

    A good quality stiff nailbrush will be helpful too. Oh, and brillo pads. You can buy them from the NAAFI shop but it's as well to have some to start with.

  5. Irons were't inspected when I did basic, and we all took our own.

    Wouldn't bother with any of the kit you listed, one of the lads got picked up for non-issue socks, they looked almost identical, but of course our section comander didn't care :twisted:
  6. during phase one

    all the kit you will need - except cleaning kit (body and boots) will be issued to you! and you'll find the DS will not allow extra comforts.

    Its basic for basics.

    taking extra will make you a target! If youre trying to be better than the rest, youll either get earache from the Cpls or a pasting from your mates for being a tw4t
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Wen I joined the RAF you go a kit list of stuff to bring & THAT WAS IT!! In the third week,we were allowed stuff like walkman tapedecks (no mp3 or mobiles back then!) but no ghetto blasters.The PTI's tho had been ordered to let us wear our own training shoes in the gym (no black soles tho!) as the issue plimsoles were crap.Still ran in DMS boots tho
    When Igot to Swinderby,the DI's checked our kit & then took us down to the NAAFI to buy coathangers,polish,ect.
    Most important thing to take?
    and always lock your locker or the DI's will trash it & nick your DP Gat.
    (One lad had all his kit piled in the middle of the floors,trampled on & covered in talc! Show Parade for him that night....
  8. take a towel you will get issued 2 towels but you need one in your locker and one for swimming so a extra towel for showering in is helpful
  9. Just turn up with what you've been told to bring,i.e. no Gucci "i,ve been in the Cadets/TA" kit or you will be singled out straight away by the Screw's as a smart arsse and then F*cked about from pillar to post ! I've seen it done first hand when i was in Depot to some fool who thought it was wise to say to our training Screw that he was a C/Sgt in the Cadet's,NOT Goooooooooood :( ,he got to week six !!!
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Yeah I saw that sort of thing to! The was a ex-Air Cadet in the next room who 'tried' to give advice to some of the other recruits with the line "I was a ATC Cadet Warrent Officer"
    Did'nt go down too well,especially as the was some ex-regs rejoining & some TA/RAFR to boot!I listened to my brothers who ere both in the services.
    Also had a ATC Sgt whatever who insisted that I tell him where the WO & Sgts mess is (I was on stag on my first posting) as that was where he,as a cadet SNCO,ate! bless his likkle cotton socks....
  11. Dont take any extra kit, im on week 18 at catterick and were only now allowed gucci kit for tac ex 3, but then our sister platoon (scots) have been allowed thier own kit for months. Either way its best to turn up with what you were told to turn up with, you'll have time to buy gucci kit when you know your allowed to.
  12. rubbish comment take loads of gucci kit, and i mean loads your going to need spares! oh and hide it aswell you dont want any unwanted parties finding it
  13. You can buy all the Gucci Kit you want when your Training Screws tell you that your buying it off them,No Pressure... :D
  14. What would you know about it?

    You've never been in the forces, so stop talking shiite!
  15. A few years ago now, but we were allowed to use are own equipment after the first 12 weeks of training, at the part we entered phase 2 (advanced infantry). But during the first 12 weeks, I had and used the following items:-

    Wash / shaving kit (1 stays in your locker, 1 gets inspected in the field, and the other one you use!).

    Many pairs of military socks - you will never have enough, make sure you get issue type, then you can exchange them.

    I managed to get away with gortex socks - but if caught it would have hurt.

    I also had a pair of my own boots alreay broken in, and on the first weekend leave managed to exchange them for the pair that I was using at depot - this was a risk worth taking..... :)

    I would go with issue kit, but have some packages already wrapped up at home, and numbered, then if you are allowed to use your own kit, you just ring hoime and say "please post item number 1 to me" that way you get the kit you need, at a time you are allowed to use it.......