Extra Information

Long story short, im in the sigs but i originally wanted to go RMP.

Transfers in, just wondering if anyone has any information, can give me any advice that i wouldnt get off a standard google search as i have a few interveiws coming up and would like to be best prepared so i can achieve my desired result.


Bog standard stuff really. Do the research. Know what the organisation looks like, what the boys and girls do on ops and in Garrison. Know what the trg is all about.

Anecdotally, I have heard that some units won't rush to transfer you nor will you be flavour of the month whilst you remain in your parent cap badge. Don't take no for an answer and grit your teeth.

When you come over for an attachment (usually 2 weeks at a local RMP GPD unit), keep your gob shut and learn. You are under the spotlight, so do the normal things to impress, pitch in and stay out of the shite. The OC will interview you and ask the usual questions, but he/she will also ask for opinions on what you are like from the CoC. Know your reasons for transfer and above all, be honest.

Best of luck my friend.