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Extra Inf battalion for next Herrick


jonwilly said:
I do not doubt for one second that any Brit "Battalion" sent out will do their duty and be an example to all that follow.
The Paras and Marines have served and fought courageously.

Absolutely right - they always have and always will.


Book Reviewer
What of the logistic tail required to support an extra Bn? AFAIK, the cupboard is pretty bare as it is.


War Hero
have you all forgotten that the RRF just returned from a hard fought tour? What was it - 150 contacts in 105 days? Wait until the next operational honours list and you will see

As for mountain trained troops - I remember that in the last stages of the Bosnian war the D&D's, LI, 19 Reg RA plus CSS were fighting on Mount Igman. The rest of the country wasn't exactly flat either - and none of those troops had mountain training

Did you hear of the Marines telling the Army that they must now take over on Igman? Or do you think that they had the cop on to know that the Army are very capable and could cope with ease?


says a lot that a whole platoon going out on with 1 R Anglian this deployment is from the TA. I expect it's the same for the other regiments going out. No idea where anymore soldiers will appear from.
EX_STAB said:
Giblets said:
paveway_3 said:
Giblets said:
Interesting one that. I wonder if they are all going out with Snatch Landies, or better still, bicycles.

Seems to me that the harder core of our forces is coming home just before the harder fighting is about to start. I understand that they've had a hard time of it and that they need some R&R, but the rotation seems a little arrse about face.

If there is a big offensive starting in the spring, we would to well to get some more serious mountain boys in the hills to grab the feckers as they cross the border.

Bloody harder core? You cheeky git, you have no clue what you are on about,your post proves that.Yet another Para/Marine media guru!

I knew this post was going to bite me on the arrse. Don't get me wrong, I'm not insulting the other Reg'ts when I say that, as they are all really stirling dudes are damned good in a punch up, but are they mountain troops?

Of all the footage I've seen very little seems to be in the mountains. RM have a Mountain and Arctic Warfare cadre (or used to) but I've never heard of any other units being specialised mountain troops. I'd throw the shovel away now if I were you Giblets ;)

I seem to remember a lovely article in Soldier Magazine about RHF spending so much time with the German Army Alpine Yodellers club being taught Mountian warfare.

As for the RM's much beloved MAW cadre. my bro did one(1) exercise in Norway(?) during his stint in the RM and it sems to have been a little bit of a mare from his tales.