Extra Inf battalion for next Herrick

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ssupersixfour, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. The Murdoch papers are reporting that a third infantry battalion will deploy in the next Herrick rotation:




    Apologies if already posted.
  2. Interesting one that. I wonder if they are all going out with Snatch Landies, or better still, bicycles.

    Seems to me that the harder core of our forces is coming home just before the harder fighting is about to start. I understand that they've had a hard time of it and that they need some R&R, but the rotation seems a little arrse about face.

    If there is a big offensive starting in the spring, we would to well to get some more serious mountain boys in the hills to grab the feckers as they cross the border.
  3. Will whoever's last out of the toybox please close the lid?
  4. oldbaldy

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    Also made the Telegraph by George Jones:
  5. Bloody harder core? You cheeky git, you have no clue what you are on about,your post proves that.Yet another Para/Marine media guru!
  6. I see they're not counting the London regiment in with the deployment then? :omfg:
  7. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Is it deploying as a Bn strength manoeuvre unit, or FP Coy? They have also not mentioned the log sp, medic sp, etc but we know that they are going too.

    The point is that they have finally accepted that it is more than a 2 Inf Bn task -= just a little bit overdue.
  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    After months of marching, bulling and sh1t shovelling, I would expect these units to be well up for this....

    What makes you think that only RM and Paras are capable of hard fighting?
  9. I knew this post was going to bite me on the arrse. Don't get me wrong, I'm not insulting the other Reg'ts when I say that, as they are all really stirling dudes are damned good in a punch up, but are they mountain troops?
  10. Do we really want to fight them in the mountains, or do we want to bring them down into the plains, in the open, going fangs out after our 'Afghan Poppy co-operative' farmers?.......

    Entice them down , banjo the f**k out of them, then let them retreat to hole up in the mountains, doing themselves no good and reducing support in their own ranks. Simultaneous with this, cut off the supply lines out of Pakistan and close the door there.

    Far better to my mind, to have our troops waiting for them in pre-prepared positions with excellent IDF support gagging to send them to the perfumed houri's , then gadding about the hills that THEY hold the advantage in.
  11. Of all the footage I've seen very little seems to be in the mountains. RM have a Mountain and Arctic Warfare cadre (or used to) but I've never heard of any other units being specialised mountain troops. I'd throw the shovel away now if I were you Giblets ;)
  12. Problem with that is if we let them get out of the mountians, we haven't got them contained and they'll spread out amongst genpop and do the sneaky. They aren't exactly going to form up on the plains and march on our guns.

    Shovel thrown, I'll get my coat . . .
  13. Gibblets it appears to be a bit of a back peddle there mate.So who are the ''Mountain troops'' in the British army? Paras have done a fantastic job in Afgan as are the Royal Marines.Dont forget there are plenty of other regiments in the British army with the same high standards.
  14. And the problem is, we haven't enough troops to take control and contain in the mountains.

    We've been trying to do that since 18longtime , it doesn't work. Even when my father was leading patrols up in NWF province, it was like trying to plait fog getting them to stand and fight , and that was just against lawless tribesmen who were up for a bit of mischief, not religously motivated, or well paid zealots.

    If they feel they are losing support and revenue, they will wish to stop that happening, and that will force them into desperate measures.

    We'll then be waiting when they do. Set the trap , bait it well, then wait.
  15. The Army triedit out when the 'Bde of specialisations' idea abounded. Jungle Bn, desert Bn, mountains etc. I think the mountain specialisation was meant to cater for the ground beneath the snow line rather than the arctic training the marines do. Needless to say there was no money for vehs and equipment, nor any real doctrine sanctioned so thus it became a damp squib.

    Stick any British Infantry Bn there and they would perform as well as the Paras or Marines pound for pound - ie bloody well. Just give them the kit and heavy weapons!