Extra hot curry challenge lands two in hospital

Curry house owner Abdul Ali admitted that he would have to "tone down" the contest, but said the challenge had raised hundreds of pounds for charity CHAS.

He added that half of the 20 people who took part in the challenge had dropped out after witnessing the first 10 diners vomiting, collapsing, sweating and panting.

Previously the restaurant's Kismot Killer dish has caused diners to suffer nose bleeds and one elderly man had to go to hospital.

Mr Ali said he felt the competition had gone well, but that he had overestimated how much heat the competitors could take.

He said: "There was meant to be two sets of 10 people, but after the first set's reaction, the others decided not to go ahead.

"People were in agony. When they brought the Kismot Killer through we had on the Jaws music and a gas mask, but I might have overestimated what I could give them. We made it a bit hotter than it is on the menu.

"I was a bit shocked at how people reacted, some people couldn't take it. I think we'll tone it down in future, but we'll definitely do it next year. We do not want any more ambulances though."
Hot chilli challenge puts two in hospital - Edinburgh Evening News
I know I'm in a minority, but I don't "get" hot curries.


I know I'm in a minority, but I don't "get" hot curries.
Thats where youre going wrong old chap. You get a hot curry then you will understand. If you get cold curries as your comment implies then you wouldnt get hot curries.
I know I'm in a minority, but I don't "get" hot curries.
No one gets curries in NI because there isn't a decent curry house in Ulster. Even if there were bet it would be served with boiled spuds and cabbage....mutter moan mutter......Champ is the nearest NI gets to tasty.
Was it really a hospital or a good thunderbox that was needed?
Hospitalised? By a fecking curry? What a bunch of absolute mincing hermers. There's nothing like a good, hot, home-made curry. I tried growing some Dorset Nagas earlier this year, but they all died on me... :|
Was listening to this earlier on Jeremy Vine. The girl taken to hospital was Korean (but living in the US) and the bloke was a jock. Maybe they should stick to their respective national delicacies of roasted dog and entrails boiled in a sheeps bladder rather than attempt the English national dish.
Article said:
Today, the Scottish Ambulance Service said it wanted the restaurant to review the way the event was managed. Paramedics attended the event on Saturday - the busiest day of the week for the ambulance service - costing the service several hundred pounds.
I guess they don't deliver... not sure it's good use of health service cash though.


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i do love a cold leftover korma for brekko though . Dont quite remember how I found that out
Do you think that the owner of the restaurant plotted the ambulances route back to hospital and asked the driver to do some "drop offs" on the way to various houses?

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