Extra fitness tests

For all the barrack room lawyers - What's the score when the PTI's decide to make up there own fitness test? At the moment we have a Friday cross country 3 miles in 25 minutes fail it you're on remedial PT (six times a week and can only get off by passing two PFT's in a row).
3miles in 25minutes isn't exactly kicking the arrse out of it is it? If you struggle with that then you probably should be on remedial phys.
Same Friday activity at our place , maybe even from the same unit...who knows ?

But as stated it is not asking a lot, and most 'average' blokes do it in around 22-23 mins.

Having watched those who did not make the mark carry out their Saturday morning PFT today, it would appear that it is a valid assesment, and they are deservidly being made to try and improve their performance.

Wether or not there is a legal issue in being made to do it, and I would doubt very much that there is, is irrelevant. You will know within yourself if your require to do more work to pass, can't be arsed or physically cannot acheive what is required. All three scenarios require handling in different ways ie be fit enough to pass and enjoy your weekends, not bother your arse to get fit - lose your weekends to remedial and fuckin' bitch about it or lastly seek medical attention if you truely are physically unable to pass the test and are not just a *** lazy waster.

I removed 'Fat' from the last scenario as I am about 2.5 stones over what is considered my ideal weight and still pass the afore mentioned test easily

Just get on with it.....
CO's discretion by the end of the day and has said its not a hard target to go for either.
Don't get a sad on with this, it is actually doing people a favour. Better to identlfy the problem before a PFT than fail and have promotion affected.
Sounds good to me, atleast then the people will be of a reasonable fitness standard and everyone has a target to aim for, that or they will suffer :)

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