Extra duty pay

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armadillo, May 24, 2008.

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  1. Is there any particular paperwork that needs to be generated for extra duty pay?

    I am going to be doing Extra Duty work and want to stay legal, whether it is in a DIN or other manual.


  2. what do you mean by extra duty work - another job or waiting on in a the Sgts' Mess??

  3. I will PM you
  4. ED Pay is a waste of money and a morale wrecker. In the words of Field Marshall Sir Peter Inge " Chef..CHEF..your not a f@Ck.ing Chef boy you're a Cook...now get on with it! Apologies if you are or are not a Chef/Cook but it really grips my sh!t
    Shift work.. Shmift work...24/7.. mess nights..BBQs..blah blah.. ad naus...

  5. I'm not picking up a lot of love here.

    Now then was that a Wahhhhhhh or were you once touched inappropriatly by one of my fellow corps memebers when you were in training and were on RP's for some offence and you were duty pan bash.

    Im picking up a lot of frustration and angst here......would you like to discuss it?
  6. Ouch ouch ouch ouch aaaaaaagh sorry sorry! as the chef holds the generals hands on the hotplate.
  7. So are all the unofficial functions, such as wive's BBQ's, squadron's post tour functions, etc. Let's bin the lot I say,make them pay civilian staff at four times the cost.
  8. I've been touched many times..more down the below than up top. But thats another story... my last Q spoons thought I was so touched in the head that he thought I might convert to the RLC.. but he did agree..Infanteers dont get ED pay when they get EXTRAORDINARY bayonet drills.
    Seriously.. why get Extra Pay for doing your job when there are bags of trades doing "outside normal hours work" most of the time.


    I love CHEFS because they make my belly happy - when I can't be arrsed.
  10. thank you for the insite into your extra ciricula (SP?) activities

    my thoughts on this are:

    duty meals and the like are clearly needed and given for the guys who need them

    parties of whatever type are not duty meals so why should chefs have to do them for free

    if you want a party then go off camp and see how much you pay

    it aint a lot of money so just pay and enjoy

    im glad your belly like chefs as chefs like your belly

    btw are you in fally?

  11. Hello..anyone there...ready to "Discuss"???..Hello....c'mon people......no?.......W@nkers!
  12. very disturbing

    or perhaps you just missed my reply due to other touching issues
  13. I'd like you to name three of these 'bags of trades' which do work outside of normal working hours, on a regular basis as part of their job, for no extra pay.
  14. which is not duty related?
  15. If a lad is on "Duty " in the Sgts mess then he is on" Duty" and he reccompensed (Sic) accordingly. A Chef is paid to "Chef" 24/7..no?.. Whether he is doing Banjos or Fois grais,matters not..his manager sorts it!. You're on high band earn it!

    No, not in Fally, was in Hohne with the 20 mile snipers. Now in Paderbini land

    just read the last two comments..SBM ..DC...if you want a union. with civvy rules.. you are half way there..

    Why get paid extra when nobody else does??????