Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by armadillo, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I understand chefs and REME get paid for extra work or services they provide. I provide a service that is a private work outside of my normal duties how do I claim for extra duty pay?

    Is there any paperwork that needs to be filled in or system in place where I can charge for the product and service out of hours?

    I for obvious reasons do not want to become a nuisance but am getting hacked off working pro bono in my own time.

    Thank you

  2. A chef gets extra duty pay for working on a private function in the own time after completing a full days work, chefs do duties weather it be duty weekends, duty chefs and in some unit regimental duties.

    This extra work you do in your own time, if this is for a private function then yes ask for Extra duty pay, however if this extra work is normal routine stuff then not a hope.
  3. Yes this is after normal duties, is there any forms that require filling in to recive it.


  4. and obviousley youre not already being paid for this work by another source.
  5. I am providing materials and labour. materials and consumables are out of my own pocket. I am working outside of SOPs so have to provide liability insurance. The function is provided by a mess and is not providing a service to operations/peacetime operations. I have to pay for dry cleaning. I am also using non service equipment.

    This is all at a cost to me.

  6. Havent you been giving the mess a invoice, for your expenses this would come out of the mess fund so not required on army forms just as any other contractor would. On grounds of the pay if you have to provide insurance the mess should reimberse sp? you again no army form required just an invoice, with regards to payment its self for the hours you will have to discuss this with the PEC of the mess.

    Also with regards to materials arent these available through the system?
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    That then is clearly provision of services requiring an invoice and not extra duty!
  8. An extra duty is where they provide everything except for you, in which case you could claim extra duty payment.

    What you are doing sounds like a private business arrangement and is theefore outside of military duties.
  9. You're not DJ'ing R U?
  10. Extra Duty Pay is extra pay you get when you have had an ASBO67 and been given extra duties, such as show parades. It's quite a lot of cash, and worth claiming.

    My recommendation would be to punch the RSM or Adjt, who will then award an ASBO67 which authorises your claim to extra duties, and hence the extra duty pay. It's a win-win situation.
  11. So you can get paid extra for time served during punishment? Surely that can't be right!
  12. Be interested to know what "extra duties" the REME are doing that they are getting paid extra for :?
  13. If you are working because of an ASBO67 you are recieving a minor sanction punishment and therefore you should not get paid.

    If they get paid at your unit does everybody fcuk up before a mess function?
  14. I am not definately DJing!!! (chaka can). Just spoke to my pay guru and he has written me an invoice to give to the mess. If i had gone down the route of ED pay I would have recieved less. Next time I do this I will have got everything sorted. I am also paying VAT which is not a nightmare the VAT office were quite helpful.

    Thank you guys for your help.

  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    As the threshhold for VAT is currently £64K you must be doing a hell of a lot of work in your own time!