Extra £50bn pumped into economy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Printing only £125 billion was not enough, it seems...

    People were saying the British economy had fallen off a cliff. Apparently, it "appears to have been deeper than previously thought." :x
  2. Let's cut the Defence budget from £35Bn to £15Bn instead in this new age of austerity!

    Labour labour labour, out out out.
  3. Probably why the Pound dropped again.
  4. Hmm there goes me grandsons university education.

    edited becauseof banana fingers
  5. Oh, but dont worry. Everything is recovering dont you know!! :roll:

  6. B0llox! Just what I need before the hols. :x
  7. did this not happen under the last labour goverment in the 70's, perhaps Ashie could shed some light on why every labour goverment ends in the countries downward spiral?
  8. Don't worry about it. By the time he's ready to go, his secondary school will have been granted degree-awarding powers. Why not, every other bugger has been... :x
  9. Get to TESCO before 8pm tonight and they'll still be selling Euro's based upon yesterdays rate.

  10. That's EASY!!!!!

    As the Dear Leader said some years ago in one of his speeches…

    'It's the duty of government to redistribute the nations wealth from the haves to the less well off'

    And that in a nutshell is why Britain PLC always goes tits up under Labour, they rob the hard working to give to the layabouts.

  11. Ashie is conspicuous by his absence lately and parliment on its hols too!!!

    But like most spiv champagne socialists, he no doubt to busy at the moment off shoring his savings as his boss continues to spunk Britain down the toilet as is labours traditional way of ending there turn in power. We is fcuked init..... :x
  12. .

    Let me get this straight. The banking crisis was caused by too much liquidity (money) in the economy, and reckless lending by the banks.

    So the government's solution to the crisis is to pump even more liquidity (money) in the economy, and urge the banks to lend more.

    Am I the only one who thinks the plan will fail, miserably??


  13. It's simple!

    If you are skint and you borrow money, you will magically appear affluent again and can buy everyone a round of drinks down the pub and buy lots of trinkets, of course, you now have to lend back even more money to the bank but you can repay the money using all your new found 'instant wealth'. When the money you've borrowed runs out, you will once more be skint and even deeper in debt.

    THis is what Labour have done, but Gordon doesn't care becuase he's going to pay it back when the money runs out by going around to everyones house and doing a spot of breaking and entering after the Election, that's big tax rises to you and me.
  14. We as a Nation are renowned for rewarding failure and for sneering upon success. This notion starts within the schools and was introduced in the 70's under the Callaghan Government. Children weren't to be subjected to the rigours of failure and all, including life's born loser's, were to be rewarded with praise for being shitt.

    Untill Elf & Safety put and end to it, the kid to come last in the sack race got a standing ovation, whilst the winner was looked upon with disdain.

    No one likes a winner, but everyone applauds a looser.